Professional vs. Freelance Architect: Who Should You Choose?

Should You Hire a Freelance or professional architect for your next home project? That is one question that I asked myself when I was planning for my house renovation in Lahore. I designed a lot and eventually decided that hiring a professional architect in Lahore has more benefits than saving some bucks on freelance architects. 

I did not decide based on feelings, but there was a thought process behind it.  

Now, it is 2023, and the world has changed. Almost everything has shifted to the gig economy and freelancing, so why not architecture and interior design services?

The rise of new technology and remote work has indeed changed many things. However, architecture and design are some things that still need the presence of mind, ideas and involvement of the designer.

Here is why you should hire a professional architect in Lahore in 2023

Skills Expertise

One of the benefits of working with a professional architect is his skills that you can witness yourself. An architect whom you can visit in their office, discuss in detail your ideas, and your questions are more important while designing your house. As I was located in Lahore, I visited a few architects. 

This may not be true for a freelance architect who is only sometimes present and open to discussions. A freelance architect is always away. One has to drop many text messages to get the answers, which may be frustrating for many. 

Cost of Consultation 

A professional architect with a physical office can be expensive, but it has benefits. An architect whom you can approach and visit, and in return, that architect can visit your site. This cost is a small price to pay. 

A freelance architect cannot visit your site to make the necessary onsite changes that may not even direct the contractor and builder about the design elements, which is a massive part of the job.

Project Management

One of the benefits of working with a professional architect in a city like Lahore is complete project management. Designing a house is just one aspect of building a complete home. The other elements include frequent site visits, involvement of an overview of all stakeholders involved and communication, which a freelance architect can not offer. 

You surely don’t want to just stop at architect designs and hire someone else to manage your project in the middle of the project, or do you? 


A professional architect is also flexible with their ideas and actively incorporates your feedback in the design. You can add something new to your kitchen or drawing room. Only a professional architect you have met can add that and will not be offended. 

This might not be true for a freelance architect who may ask for more money for each design change, which sometimes gets annoying. 


Lahore is a place where there are many posh societies. These societies have regulations and bylaws, such as DHA & Bahria’s distinct rules and regulations. This means only a professional architect located in Lahore can handle and know these on-ground laws and can design a functional house. 

A freelance architect might need help to fully grasp or even have an idea about individual societies in Lahore and can miss or add anything these societies might not allow. 

Construction & Design 

When planning for my house, I was less worried about design and more about the construction aspect of it. When I met different architects in Lahore and discussed the ideas, I also discussed the construction and design with them. This had two benefits: a construction done by an architect means I will have a fully functional home with the minute details overseen by the architect himself and no compromise on quality. 

Now, this is impossible with a freelance architect sitting hundreds of miles away from you and can’t ensure the quality of construction.

Here is a simple comparison table for your understanding of what we you have read above. 


CriteriaProfessional ArchitectFreelance Architect
Skills & ExpertiseSkilledMay lack skill
Cost of ConsultationHigher costLower cost
Project ManagementComplete oversight Limited control
FlexibilityIncorporates ideasMay charge extra
Knowledge of RegulationsFamiliar with local lawsMay not be aware
Construction & DesignEnsures quality constructionLimited oversight
RiskLower riskHigher risk


Ultimately, it is important to consider that building a house is a one-time investment, and it is crucial to allocate funds where necessary. While it may be tempting to cut costs by hiring a freelance architect and designing the house on your own, this can lead to limitations in the construction process.

Therefore, it is true that investing in a professional architect in Lahore is worthwhile. After visiting numerous architects, I ultimately chose to work with one of the best in the area, Home – H-A Design Studio.

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