The Automotive Industry: How to Improve Customer Retention

As vehicle inventories normalize, dealerships must focus on retaining their loyal customers. Focusing on client retention has become essential because recruiting new consumers is five times more expensive. Keeping in touch with old customers through emails or newsletters is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase customer retention.

Focus on Customer Service

In the automotive industry, customer service is key to retaining customers. A dealership may stay top-of-mind with its consumers by using targeted communications like email and newsletters so that the next time they require new tires or an oil change, they will think of your business.
Focusing on customer retention is one of the cheapest ways for a dealership to grow its profits. Five times as much money goes into acquiring a new customer as retaining an old one. As such, dealerships should improve customer service to increase retention rates and turn loyal customers into brand ambassadors.
It can be done by focusing on their employees and ensuring they have the tools to provide great service to each customer. It can be done by providing continuous training, promoting positive online reviews, and creating a culture centered on the customer experience.
Moreover, it is also important to focus on re-engaging with existing customers through personalized communications such as emails and newsletters. Dealerships can send marketing messages, including service reminders, finance offers, and events. Additionally, they can send customized messaging to celebrate the milestones of their customer’s vehicle ownership, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Create a Relationship

Regarding automotive customer retention strategies, you must consider the value of fostering strong relationships. A just 5% increase in client retention can increase your dealership’s revenues by 25% to 95%. Selling to current clients is demonstrably much less expensive than acquiring new ones.
Creating that connection means more than simply asking for a review or including a customer’s name in an email template. The right tools and strategies can help your business create a bond with each customer, making them more likely to choose your dealership the next time they’re in the market for a new vehicle.
It is especially important for vehicles, as people buy them infrequently (even if they’re in the market for one). The most loyal customers are usually those who have been with a brand for years, which helps explain why exotic and luxury brands see some of the highest levels of customer loyalty.
Whether through social media, email, or your website, you must always remind customers why they love your business. And the best way to do that is through video, which can be used for everything from service upselling to bolstering CSI scores and building trust.

Make the Sale

In the automotive industry, one of the most basic ways to retain your customer base is to ensure your customers know that you value their business. It can be done through email campaigns featuring promotional deals and by sending personalized messages to celebrate vehicle ownership milestones.
This personalized touch is a great way to demonstrate that you understand your customers and will increase the likelihood that they’ll return to your dealership for future car purchases. The modern automaker has a lot of work to do to keep its customers happy.
With online marketplaces and brokers gaining traction, EV pioneers blending inner-city showrooms with their online stores, and traditional dealer networks embracing the agency sales model, automakers must make some big changes to stay competitive.
One solution is to provide a digital experience that allows customers to purchase on their terms. It means leveraging a robust e-commerce platform to offer an entire catalog of vehicles online, with the option to customize and finance through a dealer.
It’s also important to ensure that the customer experience is consistent across channels and at all times so that customers can trust your brand and find everything they need in one place.
In addition, advanced dealership marketing tools can help prioritize loyal customers and deliver personalized messaging to them before they become a lost cause. Profitability can improve by 25% to 95% with a 5% increase in retention rates. It costs seven times more to acquire new customers than to keep existing ones.

Offer Value

If you want your customers to be loyal to your brand, you must offer them something of value. It could mean a vehicle warranty, free maintenance, or even discount parts in the automotive industry. It could also be an incentive like cash rewards for referring friends and family to your dealership.
Whatever it is, you need to find out what your customers value most and give it to them. You can also increase customer retention by offering special deals on new and used vehicles. It will excite them about returning to your dealership and can help boost sales.
Additionally, you can use remarketing campaigns to target people who have left your website without buying a vehicle. You can lower their abandonment rate by showing them enticing Display ads and connecting them with your stellar sales team.


Regarding loyalty marketing, advanced dealership tools make it easier for OEMs to identify which loyal customers are at risk of defection and act accordingly. By combining this insight with data, such as financial records and household demographics, dealers can deliver highly personalized messaging that proves they truly understand and care about their customer base.

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