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What Is the Mortgage Protection Insurance Policy in Ireland?

Mortgage Protection Insurance is essential to the Irish property market, offering peace of mind and financial security to homeowners and their families. In Ireland, as in many other countries, purchasing a home is a significant investment, and protecting that investment is a top priority. 

Lenders often require this policy, ensuring that your mortgage is covered in the event of unforeseen circumstances. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Mortgage Protection Insurance and why it’s essential for homeowners in Ireland.

What Is Mortgage Protection Insurance Ireland?

Mortgage Life Insurance, commonly referred to as MPI, is a specific type of life insurance policy designed to pay off the outstanding balance of a mortgage in the unfortunate event of the policyholder’s death. It offers financial security to homeowners and their families, ensuring that the mortgage burden does not fall entirely on surviving loved ones if the policyholder passes away prematurely. 

This insurance policy will encompass the loan amount you borrow, often called the “sum assured.” It operates differently from a standard life insurance policy, which is not directly linked to your mortgage. MPI is a subset of life insurance. Both of them provide payouts upon your passing, but with life insurance, the sum assured goes to your beneficiaries, while with mortgage protection, it is directed to your lender. Any remaining funds are subsequently disbursed to your beneficiaries once the mortgage is fully paid off.

Why Do You Need Mortgage Protection Insurance?

Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI) is a valuable safeguard for homeowners in Ireland for several compelling reasons:

Financial Security for Your Loved Ones: The most significant reason to have MPI is to ensure your family is financially secure during your untimely death. If the worst were to happen, and you were to pass away while the mortgage is still active, MPI would pay off the remaining balance on your mortgage. This means that your loved ones won’t be burdened with the responsibility of making mortgage payments, allowing them to stay home without fearing losing them due to financial constraints.

Compliance with Lender Requirements: Many lenders in Ireland require borrowers to have Mortgage Protection Insurance Ireland as a condition for approving a mortgage. This requirement is in place to protect the lender’s financial interest. If the borrower passes away, the policy ensures that the mortgage is repaid, reducing the lender’s risk. Please meet this requirement to ensure the lender approves your mortgage application.

Peace of Mind: Knowing you have mortgage life insurance provides peace of mind. Homeownership is a significant financial commitment, and knowing that your family’s future is secure, even in your absence, can relieve considerable stress. It offers the assurance that your family can maintain their quality of life and stay in their home, regardless of unexpected life events.

Affordability: Mortgage Protection Insurance is typically more affordable than traditional life insurance policies. The premiums are often structured to decrease over time as the outstanding mortgage balance decreases. This cost-effective approach makes it accessible to many homeowners.

Accidental Death Coverage: This provides interim protection from the moment you submit your application with direct debit details until your application is approved or declined. A lump sum would be disbursed if you were to pass away during this period.

Guaranteed Insurability: This feature allows you to increase coverage or extend the term under certain circumstances without additional medical documentation. For instance, you can do this if you get married, have a child, or purchase a new house.

Terminal Illness Coverage: Some MPI policies also include a terminal illness benefit. This feature pays out the coverage amount if the policyholder is diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than 12 months to live. This can be a crucial financial lifeline for medical expenses or improving one’s quality of life during a challenging period.

Serious Illness Coverage: Adding this to your mortgage protection policy is often called ‘accelerated’ serious illness coverage. You can select an amount up to 100% of your mortgage protection coverage, which can be paid out if you are diagnosed with one of the illnesses listed in the policy document. 

Do You Require Mortgage Protection in Ireland?

Yes, obtaining mortgage protection is a mandatory prerequisite for obtaining a mortgage in Ireland. Legal regulations mandate that your lender must ensure that you have adequate protection in place to cover the loan’s value.

In addition to this, it affords you peace of mind by ensuring that your dependents can continue residing in your home without the financial burden of managing the mortgage. Individuals aged between 18 and 74 are eligible to apply for MPI.

Are There Any Exceptions for Mortgage Protection Insurance Policy?

There are specific scenarios where your lender may exempt you from acquiring mortgage protection. These exceptions include:

  • The property funded by the loan is not designated as your primary family residence, such as a buy-to-let property.
  • You are ineligible for this type of insurance or can only obtain it by paying significantly higher premiums than most other applicants.
  • You are over 50 at the time when the mortgage is approved.
  • You already possess life insurance that covers the entire mortgage amount.

Categories of Mortgage Protection Insurance

Two primary categories of MPI exist, and your choice between them is contingent on your circumstances. Here are the two types and the reasons for selecting each:

Reducing Term Cover

With reducing or decreasing term coverage, the insurance coverage diminishes at a rate you specify. Your monthly payments remain consistent, but the coverage steadily declines as you make mortgage payments. In the event of a claim, the remaining mortgage balance at that time is paid off. This type of coverage is suitable for repayment mortgages, where you gradually pay off the loan’s interest and principal over a predetermined period. By the end of the term, the mortgage is entirely settled, and your coverage reduces to zero. It is advisable to choose a rate that accounts for potential increases in your mortgage interest rate to ensure that there is adequate coverage to clear the balance.

Level Term Cover

Level term cover encompasses the entire mortgage balance and does not reduce over time. Consequently, the payout remains constant whether a claim is made after one year or 21 years. This type of coverage is suitable for interest-only mortgages, where the capital is not amortized, only the interest on the loan. Therefore, the mortgage amount remains the same over the term. It’s important to note that a level-term policy is more costly than a reducing-term policy because the coverage remains constant throughout the period.


Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI) in Ireland is a crucial safeguard for homeowners. It offers financial security to families, ensures lender compliance, provides peace of mind, and is often more affordable than traditional life insurance. 

With added benefits like accidental death coverage, guaranteed insurability, terminal illness coverage, and serious illness coverage, it’s a comprehensive solution. In Ireland, obtaining MPI is mandatory for mortgage approval, with a few exceptions. 

As a valuable resource for individuals navigating the Irish mortgage market, best mortgage brokers Ireland play a pivotal role in helping clients comprehend the intricacies of Mortgage Protection Insurance, enabling them to make informed decisions and secure their investment and future.

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