Amakong Wine 101: The Simple Way to make Amakong Wine

Amakong Wine 101: The Simple Way to make Amakong Wine

Amakong wine is considered a secret Vietnamese wine recipe, proven to enhance the physiology of men. We recently have received countless questions: What is Amakong wine? Where does Amakong wine originate from? Are the rumors about the uses of Amakong wine true?

Here is everything you need to know about this Amakong wine! To read more information about wine please read more.

What is Amakong wine?

Originating from the rugged mountainous region of the South Central Highlands, Amakong is a specialty that symbolizes the strength of the Central Highlands people. Extracted from hundreds of rare herbs, Amakong is famous as a remedy that helps improve male physiology.

Herbal ingredients in making Amakong wine

  • Blood grass

Also known as the herbal medicine “blood millet”, it has the effect of iron supplementation, liver cooling, detoxifying, and regulating menstruation.

  • Atao Nenso

It is one of the 5 precious medicinal herbs in Amakong wine, protecting kidney health, enhancing male physiology, treating back, muscle, and joint pain, treating gout, and stabilizing the heart.

  • Smilax Glabra

The herb is known as the earth and spirit, supporting bones and joints treatment such as rheumatism, and degeneration,… nourishing the body, clearing heat, and detoxing the body.

  • Wild ginseng

In producing high-quality Amakong, people often have to use wild ginseng. Wild ginseng is rare and only distributed in high mountainous areas. This ingredient improves digestion, is easy to absorb, increases blood production, stabilizes heart rate, and significantly improves blood circulation.

  • Goji berries

It is a ripe apricot fruit that is dried to an orange color. In fact, there have been many studies demonstrating the effect of limiting diabetes and inhibiting cancer.

Origin of Amakong wine

The name of this miracle medicine was inspired by Mr. Amakong, the legendary wild elephant hunter in Ban Don. Most notably, this man has a lifespan of up to 103 years old. Such an admirable number.

According to villagers, at the age of 70, Mr. Amakong still maintains the health of his twenties, making many young men admire him. That’s thanks to the moderate use of an esoteric remedy – Amakong medicinal wine.

The precious medicine of the Central Highlands forest land was passed on to his 11th son, Mr. Kham Phet Lao. When asked about the miracle medicine, he shared about the uses of this elixir. Just combining it with a regular exercise regimen will achieve the desired treatment effect.

Effects of Amakong wine on health

Supplemented with many precious herbs, such as lingzhi mushroom, cinnamon, goji berries, Nam dja Hua,… Amakong medicinal wine does not cause heat in the body like Western medicine. The medicine in Amakong is famous for many miraculous uses such as:

  • Increase testosterone naturally, and improve erectile dysfunction,…
  • Treatment of bone and joint diseases, muscle swelling, spinal spurs, and sciatica
  • Enhances resistance, and supports gout treatment, cardiovascular regulation, and diseases related to obesity.

Recipes for Amakong Herbal Wine

Medicinal wine soaked at home is often difficult to drink due to its acrid and pungent smell. Therefore, the most important thing when making medicinal wine at home is to add a few spices to help the wine smell more fragrant.

To prepare the wine recipe below, you need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • 1kg of Amakhong medicine
  • 10 liters of sticky rice wine, 40% ABV
  • 450g dried wild bananas
  • Glass jar with a tight lid

Do the following steps:

  1. Wash the ingredients with warm water for 15 – 30 minutes. Then, wash with rice wine.
  2. Prepare a clean, dry glass jar. Rinse the jar with the best wine you have.
  3. Put the main ingredients into the jar: 1kg of Amakon medicine, arhat fruit, honey, stevia,…
  4. Pour the 10 liters of wine into the jar and close the lid tightly.
  5. Preserve in dry, cool places. Amakong wine is ideally aged in 1-2 months. But you can enjoy it on day 20.


Currently, Vietnamese consumers have been paying more attention to physical and mental health. That’s why making Amakong wine at home is becoming a trend for many families, and a concern for men. The above article also needs reviews and research. Today’s article brings you the most complete knowledge!

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