Optimize VPS for Website With DomainRacer Hosting

VPS (virtual private server) uses virtualization technology that provides dedicated resources to end-users. Different VPS can be installed in a single dedicated server. VPS generally resides in the parent server. 

A DedicatedCore VPS hosting environment is created on a dedicated server or a cluster of servers. VPS replicates many of the properties of a dedicated server and non dedicated server, so there is a difference between dedicated and non dedicated server you can check that difference.

VPS acts like a dedicated server but in reality, it acts like software emulating dedicated hardware. 

There are many hosting providers such as – DomainRacer Hosting, the best hosting company in India that provides Windows vps hosting, Linux dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, and other hosting plans.

Benefits of VPS (virtual private server): –

  • Increase Performance – DedicatedCore VPS increases performance unlike shared hosting plans where hundreds of users share the same server. Sometimes websites that are running on shared hosting can cause functionality problems.

For example- websites that are receiving a high amount of web traffic can slow down other websites on the server. In all that process you must have to know how to unblock an ip address for your better performance. By using DomainRacer VPS hosting services, the functioning of your website will never be regulated by other websites.

  • Great Control – Great control offers root access. Without root access, you have to only rely on software packages that are provided by the hosting provider. If website owners are looking to use specific software that is not supported and provided by a hosting provider. 

This could cause issues and may prevent website owners to work independently. But with VPS, you will get root access and you can implement necessary software changes within the server. 

  • Low Cost – Many companies prefer to use VPS rather than choosing a dedicated server. A dedicated server has a higher cost comparing VPS. Many hosting providers have the price of VPS more than the price of shared hosting.
  • Scalability – If you are looking to grow your business and you expect a high amount of web traffic. And you require the server to accommodate this. For good scalability, VPS is much lower in cost and gives resources the same as a dedicated server. Unlike Dedicated server which is higher in cost.



VPS Optimization: –

Start looking closely at apache configuration. Poor configuration can lead to unnecessary use of the server’s resources and poor configuration can impact other processes. 

DedicatedCore also has the best VPS hosting with cpanel in their plans. You can optimize whm vs cpanel as the DedicatedCore performance of VPS for a website. 

You can improve VPS by adjusting MaxClients, KeepAlive, StartServers, and MaxRequestChild. 

  • MaxClients – Directive limits the no. of concurrent requests that are served. Any request attempts above this limit will be queued. Recommend limit for MaxClients is 150.
  • KeepAlive – KeepAlive should always be “on” unless the server is receiving concurrent requests from a large number of IPs constantly. The load balancer and high volume should always be turned off to boost connection throughput. KeepAlivetimeout should set its value from lowered to 5.
  • StartServers – Here directive sets the no. of child server processes created on start-up. StartServers value should be set to 5.
  • MaxRequestsPerChild – Directive limits the no. of requests that every single child server processor handles. Whenever no. of requests reaches to specified values. Child process will die. Recommended value limit is 300.
  • Cache your web content – Web caching is another way that helps in the improvement of VPS. Continuously requesting static files makes a slow and heavy process. 

But caching RAM can improve your speed and reduce latency through temperature storage. Caching software includes Varnish, a powerful cache that helps in the improvement of dynamic websites. And Memcached helps in caching system that are heavily relies on databases.

  • Optimize Your Website Content – There are different ways to optimize content to deliver more effectively. You can find different tools on the internet. That analyses website and finds issues and offers suggestions to improve your website. 

Conclusion: –

Optimizing the DedicatedCore and DomainRacer VPS can really help to create revenue and profit through your website. Though VPS has many benefits and can be used in various activities.

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