No one wants their profession to keep making them ill, especially since you need to be at work as much as possible to get the income you need to thrive. If you are a dentist and are worried about getting sick and the frequent infections that can sometimes be passed around in medical settings, here are some steps you can take to remain well throughout the winter months and beyond. 

Have a No Illness Policy

To make sure that as few people as possible come to your dental surgery sick, you should consider creating a ‘no illness’ policy, where people with symptoms of respiratory infection are not allowed to come into your clinic or must tell the receptionist that they are ill on arrival. You might also consider sending out a quick form to patients beforehand to confirm that they are not ill. You should make this policy clear by placing posters on the doors of your dental office. By doing this, you will be encouraging your clients to think about infection control and will be able to limit the number of people who arrive at your surgery feeling under the weather. 

Wear Gloves and a Mask

When you are looking to stay healthy, it is also important that you invest in enough disposable gloves to see you through the working week. These gloves can prevent you from picking up infections on your hands. They can also stop you from spreading infection to those you are looking after. Not only this, but they will prevent you from coming into contact with bodily fluids, such as blood and saliva, which can carry diseases. This means it is important that you are ensuring safety with gloves

Gloves are not the only type of personal protective equipment you should be wearing, though, and since the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not unusual to see people wearing masks when they are out and about. Wearing a mask can prevent bacteria and viruses from entering your airways, and this is especially important since it is hard to avoid close contact as a dental professional. 

Wear Comfortable Shoes 

As a dentist, it is likely that you will spend many hours of your day standing. This makes it paramount that you wear comfortable shoes. Comfortable shoes will prevent you from going home with aching joints and will ensure that your musculoskeletal structure is fully supported during every part of your day. You might even be able to find shoes that have been specially designed with dentists in mind. 

Take Breaks

Back pain is incredibly common for dentists, as you will be leaning at an angle for long periods of the day. Although you might be able to invest in a dentist’s chair that makes this easier for you, it is still vital that you take breaks to avoid having to pop to the physical therapist after work. This will enable you to refresh your body and mind, stretch your back, legs, and neck, and return with far more energy than you had before your break.

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