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How to Style Crop Tops for Different Body Types

How to Style Crop Tops for Different Body Types
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Crop tops are bold, fashion-forward, and—believe it or not—flattering for almost any body type. The key is to balance them with suitable bottom wear and accessories.

From jeans for a casual look to trousers for a more formal style, there are many ways to style crop tops. Matching sets are also popular and can help you achieve a cohesive look.

Body Type 1: The Short-Sleeved Crop Top

While some believe shorter, fitted crop tops are best suited for thinner girls, the truth is that these styles work for all shapes and sizes. If you’re more toned, look for a crop top that accentuates your arm muscles, or choose a feminine crop top with lace or ruffles to add a flirty touch to your outfit.

A short-sleeved women crop top is the quintessential iteration of this trend, and you can find them in various colors and patterns. Try a black one with dark jeans or leggings for a sleek look that is perfect for a night out.

You can make a faux crop top by tying a button-down shirt into a bow or loose knot over your stomach to show off your waistline. This trick works for everyone, and it’s a great way to get into the trend without committing to an entire crop top wardrobe. You can also experiment with length by tucking your crop top into the waistband of a skirt or dress for an extra polished look.

Body Type 2: The Long-Sleeved Crop Top

If you’re not too fond of showing much skin but still want to keep up with the crop top trend, go for a long-sleeved one. For example, a black long-sleeve crop top is an excellent choice because it’s breathable and doesn’t make you sweat like cotton T-shirts. It also hangs straight or tapers around your waistline, depending on how you wear it.

You can wear it with a denim skirt or high-waisted pants for a cute look that looks both retro and modern at the same time. Or you can add another layer, such as a leather jacket or long coat, for a monochrome outfit that’s easy to pull off.

You can even wear a long-sleeved crop top with formal trousers and a nice neckpiece for a night out on the town. Just remember to choose a flattering neckline for your figure and personal style. A mock neckline will provide a more modest look, while a plunging neckline will give you a dramatic effect.

Body Type 3: The High-Waisted Crop Top

Crop tops are a significant fashion trend with high-waisted jeans and pants. They can be worn casually with sneakers or heels for a night out. Long-sleeve crop tops pair well with high-waisted denim. For example, a lace long-sleeve crop top can be worn with black denim and heels for a classy look.

Wear a crop top with high-waisted straight-cut formal trousers for a more sophisticated outfit. Then, add a statement neckpiece, stilettos, and a leather handbag. This look can be worn for an office meeting or a night out.

If you are a mature woman and are worried about all the skin showing, consider layering your crop top with a long cardigan or blazer. This will help to balance out the short length of the crop top. Add a trench coat to this style for a chic, monochrome outfit.

Body Type 4: The Midi-Skirt Crop Top

For the days when last-minute plans come up, you can turn to a black midi skirt and add in some accessories for a polished look. You can also opt for a denim midi skirt with an oversize denim jacket to complete your outfit. This look is great for office wear too.

A cami top can be worn with a midi skirt if you want a dressier option. It’s great for semi-formal events, as it brings out the elegance of the midi skirt fashion trend. You can tuck it in at the waist for a more structured look.

You can play with different patterns and textures when styling a midi skirt and crop top. For example, try a denim midi skirt with a parachute-sleeve striped crop top. Then, you can finish off the outfit with a pair of high heels for an elegant look or casual flats for a more laid-back style.

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