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How to become drift master in GTA 5

Drifting is all about timing and is a game of control. It depends on timing, control of the car, and balancing your E-brake in GTA accounts. Well, drifting is the combination of utilizing the brakes, controlling the car, and timing the moves. Becoming a master in drifting in GTA 5 needs skills, practice, and accurate reach to control the vehicle you are driving.

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Choose and modify the right car:

First, select a car that is superior for drifting. In this case, the modified vehicles and sports cars work effortlessly. You can either purchase or steal the car you like. Some of the most liked choices involve Karin Futo, Bravado Banshee, or Dinka Jester. To enhance the automobile’s performance, visit the mod shop and then get the brakes, engine, and upgraded suspension.

Practice in an Open Space:

Search for a region or a zone that is dedicated to drifts in GTA 5 for the practice of your drifting methods. Experiment with your drifting with several steering inputs, speeds, and smooth control to create a feel for the drift car.

Master the Handbrake:

While using the handbrake, get comfortable control and initiate your drifts. Unite it along with throttle control and steering to adjust and maintain your drifts. Utilize the accelerator to maintain and initiate the drift, along with modulating the steering to control the slide’s direction.

Lowering your car:

A trick to assist in lowering your car is to choose a firearm, and then shoot at the area that is close to the tire without even hitting the tire. Keep shooting unless your vehicle lowers some inches downwards. You need to do this to all of the tires of the car. The e-brake technique is more workable, it will slow down the car somehow, making it good for beginning lower-speed corners. 

How to drift in steps:

This GTA 5 guide will help you become a drift master:

Step 1 – Initiation (Starting the drift)

The beginning is going straight sideways. You can carry out the initiation by holding the e-brake switch for nearly 2 seconds, which can bring the back end of the vehicle out. It will somehow slow down the car. When the e-brake slows down the car, discarding the clutch is the preferred technique.

Step 2 – Maintaining the drift

The simplest way of doing this in Grand Theft Auto V is to maintain your throttle at higher levels, you will be required to push the e-brake again and again unless it is back to the desired angle.

Step 3 – Transitioning

As you continuously tap on the e-brake when it is important, it will make the procedure easier as you alter the steering to attain the desired position while switching the sides in the middle of the drift.

Step 4–Exiting the Drift

Allow the weight shift to bring back the end of the vehicle to the desired condition when you want to get out of the drift, with high speed, and then tap several times on the e-brake unless the car is back to driving at the accurate angle.

Becoming a master in drifting in the GTA 5 is about the practice along with getting the feel for the handling of your car. 

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