Leh Ladakh bike tour

Leh Ladakh bike tour: things to remember


Leh Ladakh is still one of the dream destinations for all nature lovers out there, despite the harsh nature and bad weather people have lined up to get a chance to go there. And if you are a cyclist it will be a crime not to take a bike ride to Ladakh!

Leh Ladakh bike tour
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Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning a road trip to Ladakh.You can also visit tarsar marsar.

1. Best time to travel: –

It is a well-known fact that you have a small window to take a bike ride to Leh, the roads to Leh are only open about 6 months a year for a visitor on both routes. From mid-May-June the first week to about mid-October-November. So the months of June to September can be the best time. However, July and August being heavy rain can be a bit tricky to pass (i.e. Zojila passes the Srinagar-Leh highway, past the Rohtang highway on the Manali-Leh highway). So basically June and September are the best months to travel but hey you can always have a little idea of ​​the monsoon months.

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2. Roads:- 

There are two major ways to reach Leh. Jammu-Srinagar-Leh highway and Manali-Leh highway. Both routes look very good and I would suggest you take one route while going there and another while returning. Although in any of my most important experiences, I think it is best to take the Srinagar highway on my way back as the ascent is a bit steep in the front line and getting used to the heights is easy this way.

3. You must pack the required medication: –

Traveling to Leh Ladakh by bicycle can adversely affect the health of people, they experience ‘high illness’ or ‘acute mountain sickness (AMS) which can be a real waste so, taking safety precautions does not make the desert. Different people have different levels of assurance in relation to height. You are the best judge of how much your body can take. Some people are very affected and others are slightly affected. The soft AMS case sounds like a small hangover.

4. Wear a Balaclava or use a clean cloth to cover the mouth while riding at very high altitudes: –

High altitude means low oxygen levels, a person usually breathes through the mouth when riding at high altitudes. As you breathe heavily, you may end up inhaling water vapor in the air and water can get into your lungs. Sounds scary I know. There is little research on this particular fact but also why take chances when the solution is so simple? A bicycle trip to Leh Ladakh costs about R30,000 to R50,000.

5. Avoid alcohol abuse: –

I’m not telling you not to host the event but here you have to behave yourself. Alcohol causes dehydration and does not really help altitude sickness. Know your limits and try not to get there. Never push limits on these sections. Cycling to Leh Ladakh can be physically exhausting, this tip can prevent you from working hard.

6. Internal Line Permits / Leh Protected Permits: –

Indian citizens need Inner line (ILP) permits and foreign nationals need protected area permits (PAP) to go to Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso lake, Tso Moriri lake, etc. you can either just go to the DC office in Leh and get the permits yourself.

7. Pack the bike tool kit and its spare parts: –

You should definitely find a mechanic who will test your bike before and after arriving in Leh. If possible you should learn basic skills about repairing your bike. Carry extra clutch wires, accelerator cables, fuses, tubes, drill kit, air pump, etc., and you. From Jammu to Srinagar to Leh you will still find mechanics along the way but they will need parts that they may not have.

8. Manage only the essentials: –

Light packing is one of the most important things to do; you can’t afford to exaggerate with your clothes on a bike ride. For two reasons: some weather does not allow much fashion so it is best to choose comfortable and warm clothes and stick to them even if you have to repeat one or two outfits, secondly you will need more packing space. things like a sleeping bag, maybe a tent, and emergency power supplies.

9. Be good to every truck driver on the road, Build on your karma points: –

If things go wrong, trucks are your best way out. These guys have a place to take your bike to the next town when you are in perfect condition. Truck drivers are good people and will help you get out although some negotiation skills may be helpful. The Leh Ladakh bike ride from there is a long walk so these tips can definitely help you.

10. Save some days on your trip if you have that luxury: –

Things may not go as planned for a trip like this, your trip may suffer for a number of reasons. Some roads may be closed due to the weather, you may need more time to get used to it, your motorcycle will be more patient, and it will take longer to repair it. A Leh Ladakh bike tour from Manali can be very time-consuming.

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