10 Best Hill Stations to Visit in December in India

10 Best Hill Stations to Visit in December in India

Due to today’s hectic life and busy schedule, we do not think about our real life. Just the daily book working schedule, going to the office and coming back home from the office is something different in such a tiring and boring life like walking, visiting new places, we can never do this because our life has become so busy. . To be free from such hectic life and tension, we all have to travel and visit new and best places once or twice in a year. So that our mind can get rid of a tension-free and boring life. So we bring you the 10 best hill stations to visit in December in India. So do read this article.

10 Best Hill Stations to Visit in December in India
Best Hill Stations to Visit in December in India

There are many best hill stations in India, due to which the maximum crowd of tourists is seen here. India is surrounded by many wonders of nature – its high hills, valleys, wildlife, vast forests, and huge mountains make the beauty of this country even more exciting. There are hill stations in many places of India, where people come from far and wide to visit and see the beautiful view here.

It is very beneficial to visit such places to get peace and a pleasant environment to stay away from the hustle and bustle of life and noise. Apart from going to the hill stations of India with friends, family, you are a very romantic place to visit with your partner. So let’s know about the most popular and best hill stations to visit in December in India.


Best Hill Stations to Visit in December in India

1.  Manali Hill Station, Himachal

Manali Pir is situated between the snow-capped brokers of Punjab and the Dhauladhar ranges. Manali is one of the major hill stations in North India. Manali is also called the home of King Manu. Here lush green forests, high hills, and rivers of milky color are seen between them. Beautiful lakes, mist, and pine mountains in the air, the constant fragrance of freshness add to the beauty of Manali even more.

Best Hill Stations to Visit in December

From museums to temples, from small hippie villages to tourist-filled streets. Due to this, a large number of tourists come here to enjoy the snow in the month of December. Along with this, you can also enjoy sports like hiking, rafting, kayaking, and paragliding in addition to natural beauty scenes. Along with this, you will get to see many wildflowers and apple orchards here which enhance its beauty even more. Manali is one of the best hill stations to visit in December month in India.

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2.  Srinagar Hill Station, Jammu Kashmir

Srinagar is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir. Srinagar is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the country. There is a spectacular natural beauty and a historical park with high peaks which are covered with snow. Srinagar is considered one of the best hill stations in North India. Srinagar, situated at an altitude of 1700 meters, is especially known for its lakes and houseboats. So Srinagar hill station is one of the best hill stations to visit in December.

Srinagar hill station

Srinagar is situated near the Jhelum River, along which it is considered to be the most beautiful tourist place of Jammu and Kashmir. Along with this, Srinagar is also called heaven on earth. If you want to see a lot of snow in the winter season or want to enjoy the adventure, then you must visit Srinagar once. While Srinagar is also famous for the Dal Lake, on the other hand, it is also known for various temples.


3.  Gulmarg, Kashmir

Gulmarg hill station

Gulmarg is situated at an altitude of 2730 meters above sea level on the snow-capped mountains. There is a large amount of lush green meadows, evergreen forests, eroded by deep valleys. Which is located in the Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir, the most beautiful state of India.

Along with which Gulmarg is considered a beautiful hill station. Gulmarg is also called heaven on earth. For which it has been kept among the major tourist destinations of the country. The beauty of this place attracts tourists. During the winter season, a large number of tourists come here to visit and enjoy a lot of work. So Gulmarg best hill stations to visit in December.

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4. Bir-Billing Hill Station

Bir Billing Hill Station is situated in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas amidst tea plantations and forests. Bir Billing is also known for many adventure activities along with paragliding. For this reason, this hill station is becoming very favorite among tourists. Due to which thousands of tourists come here every year to visit. This place is also perfect for friends, family, and couples because here you get a chance to enjoy all kinds of exciting activities.

Bir billing hill station

If you visit in the month of December, then you can also enjoy a lot of snow here. For this reason, in the month of December, thousands of tourists come to enjoy the snow. Now you must have understood that Bir Billing is located on the foothills of the Himalayas, so how great it can be for tourists, so we can say that what the best hill stations to visit in December.


5. Auli Hill Station, Uttarakhand

Auli Hill Station is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. This hill station is also called Auli Bugyal. The reason for this is that in the Garhwali language, Bugyal means a hill covered with grass. Auli Hill Station is situated at an altitude of 2800 meters from the sea coast.

auli hill station

While traveling to Auli Hill Station, you have to climb through deep slopes and climb higher. At this time you have to do the deepest slope of 1,640 feet and the highest climb of 2,620 feet. Along with this, one has to travel on foot, apart from this there is also an option of the chair lift. For this reason, it is considered one of the hill stations of Uttarakhand.

The beauty of Auli city is its apple orchards, high pine trees, snowy hills. Due to the high and snowy hills, ski resorts exist here. For this reason, tourists come here for skiing the most. Here you do not have the arrangement of snow cart and sled etc. Only skiing can be done here.


6. Mussoorie Hill Station, Uttarakhand

Massoorie hill station

Mussoorie is located in the Uttarakhand state of India. It is a hill town, which is also known as the queen of mountains. Mussoorie Situated at a distance of 35 km from Dehradun, Mussoorie is a hill town that is frequented by people. Mussoorie is one of the best places to visit.

In the northeast the snow-covered peak is visible, in the south the Doon valley and the Shivalik range are visible. For this reason, this city seems like a paradise for tourists. Along with this, there is also the entrance of Mussoorie Gangotri. The flora and fauna found here add to the beauty of this place even more.


7. Sonmarg, Kashmir

Sonmarg is a hill station situated at an altitude of 3000 meters in the Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir. Sonamarg is situated before the Zojila Pass, a town surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Next to it are high mountains and many famous glaciers such as Glarus are located. From here the road to Ladakh also passes in the east. In fact, the community meaning of Sonmarg is “Golden Ground”. This place got its name because in spring it is covered with beautiful flowers which look very golden.

Sonmarg hill station

If the sun’s rays from the high peaks of the mountains read the peaks, then they look even more golden. Sonmarg is a good place to visit if you are interested in hiking on foot. Here all kinds of important trekking routes start from Sonamarg itself. It is also considered a popular place for trekking. The beauty of here is its lakes, passes, and mountains, which increase its beauty even more.

As if Sonmarg serves as the starting point for travelers to Amarnath. There is a lot of snowfall here in winter, due to which the mountain peaks and tall trees are completely covered by the bus, which greatly enhances its beauty if you are planning a tour in the winter season. You must visit Sonmarg. So Sonmarg is one of the best hill stations to visit in December month in India.


8. Darjeeling Hill Station, West Bengal

Darjeeling is a city in the Indian state of West Bengal. The city is located in the Lesser Himalayas of the Shivalik ranges. Its height is approximately 2134 meters. The site was created due to the temperate climate of Darjeeling when India was under British rule as British residents used to visit here during the summer season. Being a mountainous site, it was very cold.

Darjeeling Hill Station

Darjeeling is situated on the top of the mountain. There is a network of roads that are connected to each other. While roaming on these streets, you will find the buildings made of the Vedic period. Even today these buildings look very attractive. Apart from this, cemeteries, old schools, buildings, and discussions will also be seen here.


9. Matheran Hill Station, Maharashtra

Matheran is a beautiful small hill station about 110 km from Mumbai. Whereas it is situated at an altitude of 800 meters from the coast in the mountain range from the Western Ghats. If you are a resident of Mumbai then this hill station will be very beautiful for you. Matheran is a very popular destination for urban citizens due to its proximity to major cities. Talking about one of the specialties here, any type of vehicle entry is prohibited here. It is the most preferred destination for the people of Mumbai, Nashik, Pune, and Surat.

Matheran hill station

Talking about the railway station, the nearest railway station is the Neral railway station, which is at a distance of 1 kilometer. You can enjoy the sight of beauty in the journey of about two and a half hours by sitting on the train going up and down the mountains. There is also a trolley system by which it can be reached. Tourists keep coming here throughout the year. In monsoon, the weather here is the best because the fog spread in the valleys, the clouds float in the air, and due to the wet weather, the beauty here increases even more. We can say Matheran hill station is one of the best hill stations to visit in December in India.


10. Kashmir, Aru Valley

Aru Valley Anantnath is a village located in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. Aru Valley is situated at an altitude of 2408 meters above sea level. This valley is known as an important tourist destination because of the village as the Aru river passes through it. That is why it was named Arun Valley.

Aru valley

The Aru Valley is nestled amidst the sound of birds, cool winds, and blue skies. Its beauty is the green and plain area here. Wherever there is a feeling of paradise because the beauty of this place is such. Due to excessive snowfall here in winter, the peaks of the mountains are completely covered with snow, which makes its beauty even more beautiful. If you are also planning a tour, then definitely go to Haru Valley once because the high hills, rustling air, open field fascinates the tourists. Aru valley is also one of the best hill stations to visit in December in India.

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So these were the 10 best hill stations to visit in December. where you can enjoy yourself a lot. If you want to take more enjoyment, then you can always visit these hill stations in winter or in the month of December. Due to this, you will get to see a lot of snow here and the high hills which are covered with snow which look very beautiful as if there is paradise here. The rustling winds, the beautiful forests, the open fields, and the sound of the birds fascinate the mind.

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