Are you a fashion-forward person? If yes, then you will already be aware that with a few viral TikToks, the scrunch bum leggings became a must-have pair of leggings overnight.

Scrunch Bum Leggings: 4 Reasons Why These Are Just What You Need to Enhance Your ‘Assets’

Are you a fashion-forward person? If yes, then you will already be aware that with a few viral TikToks, the scrunch bum leggings became a must-have pair of leggings overnight. These butt-enhancing leggings have since become the favorite of health influencers, gym-goers, and anyone who wishes to make their derrière look better.

It is not uncommon to see trendy fashion now and then claiming to enhance one physical feature or the other. However, the scrunch-butt leggings have impressed almost everyone with their authenticity. And the fact that the leggings work exactly the way they claim to has surprised and impressed everyone, making them popular enough to be the #TikTokLeggings. Meanwhile, the internet loves dissecting the science behind ‘The Dress’, so let’s delve into what makes the TikTok leggings work. 

1. Texture 

The first thing you notice about the butt-scrunch leggings is that the fabric is heavily textured. The heavy patterning on the fabric looks inconspicuous when they remain folded in your closet, but as you slip into them, the material around the back stretches like any other leggings. And when the stretch combines with the patterns, it creates an illusion of an unrealistically shapely and large rear. 

2. Scrunch 

When modern-day leggings became popular, one major fashion faux-pas was having a ‘wedgie’. But with scrunch-bum leggings, the ruching was placed there intentionally. An appearance of material riding up the crack attracts attention to the area so that when the fabric stretches, it makes the viewer believe that the butt is big enough to cause that big a stretch. And this well-placed scrunch is the main reason why these leggings work without any padding or other materials. 

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3 Fabric 

Adding to the list of reasons why these leggings seem to give the users ‘super butts’ is a technique called ‘west knitting’. This modern yarn technology allows a piece of fabric to stretch even when it does not contain elastane. Such alternate fabric technology gives a fuller look to the legs and glutes, making the rear appear larger than it is. 

Moreover, the panels of fabric are used in such a way that there is a clear separation between the buttcheeks. Meanwhile, these high-waisted leggings have a waistband that starts right from the tailbone and goes all the way to just below the ribs. And this high waistband cinches the waistline, magnifying the size of everything below, that is, the bum. 

4 Colours

This is not a factor in all these leggings, but most of them play with color to add to their magic. You often notice that the waistband of these leggings is in a darker color than the rest of the garment, playing with shadow and light to enhance the size of the bum. And if not this, the mesh-like material of these leggings has a sheen to it, appearing brighter and bigger on the buttcheeks and darker over other areas. 

5 Rise in Activewear

The final reason why these leggings became a hit is that activewear is becoming increasingly popular. The pandemic made people look for comfortable clothes that appear flattering without restricting movement. And people needed to get some physical activity in their day while spending time indoors and activewear aided this. Plus, with easy-to-style activewear, you can show up to work and hit the gym on the way back without stopping to change. 

Convenient clothing is all the rage these days, and the fact that scrunch bum leggings make the posterior a little better is a welcome bonus. After all, #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt is never wrong!

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