If there is a disease in old age, then the number of lung diseases is more

If there is a disease in old age, then the number of lung diseases is more

Lung diseases are more common in the elderly. The elderly are more prone to diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis, ILD, and COPD due to weak immunity. Every fourth death is caused by pneumonia. Around 6 million elderly people in the world die of pneumonia. Death due to pneumonia in old age is also called Captain of Death. In such a situation, if symptoms are seen in the elderly, then do not ignore them.

Cases of lung cancer are seen more in older age. The risk of these diseases is more in those who smoke or already have a chronic disease. Know how to prevent lung diseases at an older age.

Symptoms of lung diseases:

If the cough is accompanied by fever, chest pain, mucus or shortness of breath, wheezing, cough or rapid weight loss, then there may be lung disease.

Why is there a problem:

Smoking: Smoking weakens the body’s natural defenses, which provide protection against bacteria and viruses that cause pneumonia.

Second-hand smoke: The risk of lung infection also increases by coming in contact with someone else’s smoker.

Business Factors:

Exposure to dust or other industrial chemicals during work also increases the risk of lung infection.

Low immunity:

Some diseases like AIDS and diabetes weaken the body’s immune system, which increases the risk of lung infection.

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Avoid being on an empty stomach:

Avoid staying empty stomach in old age. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantity, and eat less salt and sugar.

Do not ignore the symptoms:

If you are seeing any symptoms, do not ignore them. If you are ignoring the symptoms then it can cause problems for you. If possible, see the doctor immediately and keep medicines and food according to the doctor.

If you already have a disease:

Patients with blood, kidney, or diabetes should take medicines regularly. If this disease is not controlled, then there is a high risk of lung diseases like TB due to low immunity. If it is controlled then the disease will improve.

When to get tested:

If you are healthy then once a year and if you are sick then it is necessary to get tested in 6 months.

Lung exercises:

By the way, exercising is necessary for everyone, because exercising keeps the body healthy and flexible. Exercising increases the body’s ability to fight diseases. There are different exercises to fight the disease. If you do exercises related to the lungs, it will benefit you. For this, do yoga, brisk walk, and deep breathing exercises regularly.

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