AI call center software is reshaping the narrative of long wait times, frustrating automated menus, and impersonal interactions with customers

Top 7 AI Calling Software Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Today, thanks to AI-powered services, William’s journey is smoother and more intuitive. In this blog, we will touch upon the best AI calling software available today, how these solutions are making customer service smoother than ever, and the best practices for adopting AI call center software.

7 Best AI Calling Software For Call Center in 2024

Here we have some of the best AI calling software you need this year:

1. Knowmax

Knowmax is a CX-first knowledge management system that helps you create a single source of truth for your organizational knowledge. By consolidating information into a single source of truth, Knowmax dismantles siloed and inconsistent knowledge experiences, offering a unified platform that boosts agent productivity and significantly improves the overall customer experience.


  • DIY cognitive decision trees for SOP adherence
  • Micro-segmented analytics to track knowledge base health
  • AI-driven content migration and creation process
  • AI-powered language translation – more accurate and reliable than Google translation
  • AI content engine to transform static content into next-best action workflows
  • Ask AI to deliver precise answers to agents with exact knowledge sources

2. Dialpad

Dialpad AI is an AI-powered call center software designed for both agents and customers. It has features like real-time transcription capabilities and post-call summaries with actionable insights for agents. Dialpad AI acts as a virtual speech coach, alerting your agents about their speaking speed and filler word usage.


  • Simple call routing
  • An integrated WFM solution
  • Streamlined admin workflows
  • Built-in analytics
  • Integrations with your favorite tools
  • Interactive voice response

3. Talkdesk

By incorporating AI into the core of its solutions, Talkdesk leverages technology to create a faster, more efficient, and frictionless customer experience throughout the entire customer journey. The CX Cloud and Industry Experience Clouds are infused with generative AI, enhancing customer self-service and empowering agents.


  • Generative AI to automate customer self-service
  • Captures and analyzes all customer interactions, revealing key trends, topics, and sentiments
  • Equip agents and customers with concise answers to speed up handling times
  • A single cloud platform to unify your contact center and workforce engagement solutions

4. CloudTalk

CloudTalk’s AI enhances customer interactions by automating repetitive tasks, predicting user behavior, and providing valuable insights to agents. By collecting data from every interaction, CloudTalk ensures a comprehensive understanding of customer engagement.


  • Identifies and automates repetitive tasks
  • Predicts user behavior and provides AI-powered insights
  • 3-way calling
  • Skill-based routing
  • VIP Queues

5. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk’s Zia is a contextual AI assistant that helps improve customer interactions and streamlines support processes. Zia operates as a chatbot on both mobile apps and websites, providing customers with a direct channel to seek answers to their queries.


  • Get notified every time there is unusual activity in your ticket stream
  • Share relevant solutions from your knowledge base with your customer
  • Easily configurable low-code platform to build self-service
  • Maintain service levels and escalate violations automatically

6. Freshdesk

Freshdesk’s Freddy AI is at the forefront of providing efficient and timely customer assistance through chat and email. Freddy employs machine learning to streamline customer service processes by automatically suggesting new ticket fields for incoming requests, facilitating efficient routing and prioritization.


  • Track progress using intuitive reports
  • Provide stellar social media support
  • 24/7 support and faster response times
  • Use solution article suggestions to respond to tickets faster
  • Save time when creating help articles

7. Zendesk

Zendesk AI functions as the smart layer within the broader Zendesk platform, utilizing insights from customer-service interactions to improve different aspects of the service experience. This extensive AI integration covers everything from facilitating smarter conversations and bot interactions to offering productivity tools for agents, as well as providing administrators with valuable insights and instant actions.


  • Advanced bots
  • Intelligent triage
  • Intelligent insights and suggestions
  • Macro suggestions for admins
  • AI provides agents with insights and ticket summaries and suggests solutions for identified issues

Best Practices to Utilize AI in Your Contact Center

With so many viable options in mind, it’s always better to understand the best practices for incorporating AI in your contact center. Following are a few ways to do it.

Human in the Loop

AI can do the heavy lifting for critical tasks like creating knowledge, analyzing data, etc., but it should not be misunderstood as a replacement for humans. Human expertise needs to be combined with AI to get the best results.

Instead of replacing human agents entirely, focus on using AI to complement their skills and expertise. AI can handle repetitive tasks, provide real-time guidance, and automate administrative processes, freeing up agents to focus on more complex interactions and customer relationships.

Build Reliable Knowledge Infrastructure for AI

Creating a robust foundation for AI to access and utilize relevant information is essential. A well-structured knowledge base ensures that AI-driven systems can provide accurate, up-to-date, and contextually relevant responses to customer inquiries, contributing to a seamless customer experience.

Start with Low-Hanging Fruit

Begin by implementing AI solutions for tasks that are repetitive, time-consuming, or have a high volume of inquiries. This will allow you to quickly gain experience and demonstrate the value of AI without disrupting your entire contact center operations.

Start Small and Scale Up

Begin with a limited pilot program to test the effectiveness of AI in your contact center. Once you have demonstrated positive results, you can gradually expand AI usage across your organization.

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