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Best Code to Check If Phone Is Hacked And Tapped 2022

Are you looking for the Code to Check if the Phone is Hacked? Here is the number to dial to see if your phone is tapped.

Smartphones may have made our lifestyle easier, but it has made our lives easier, along with it the risk of our privacy being leaked has also increased. Everyone knows that we all keep our personal data and personal file, documents saved on our phones. Along with this is the age of digital, in such a situation the chances of theft of our personal data have become very high.

With everything going online, cybercrime has also increased. Have you ever wondered what would happen if your phone was hacked or tracked? With everything going online now hackers can easily entice customers to click on a link to claim rewards by promoting your bank details, email ids, and personal photos through promotional emails and taxes. Easily hack all your files, data, and photos in just one click.

Then how to know if your phone is hacked and trying to track the activities done by you. You may get a variety of prompts that will let you know that your device has been hacked. The easy way to find and fix it is by using the in-built phone typing codes. You can use this Code to Check If the Phone Is Hacked And Tapped. These USD codes help you access certain information related to the security of your device. Using these codes is as easy as dialing a number. You can use these codes to find out if your phone is tapped or not, and enable or disable various settings.

Here we will mainly learn about call forwarding/diversion codes. Which a hacker can use to hack your device. We will throw light on all this information when hackers try to hack your device and how to find the hacked devices by hackers. To know more about these essential cell phone codes and hacks, read this post till the end…


Code to Check if Phone is Hacked


Whenever your phone is tapped again, then all your messages and other data can be forwarded to any other person. But you do not need to panic in such a situation. If you think that your phone has been hacked, then first of all open the dialog paint of your phone and clear all your doubts. To know whether your phone is hacked or not, there are some codes by which you can find out whether your phone is hacked or not. Along with this follow some of the following steps…


1. Mysterious pop-ups

Sometimes the intention of the hacker is to obtain money or income on a regular basis. And so I can put some code on your side through which you can see the regular popup. If you see this pop-up often and you think that this pop-up is not of your use yet it is appearing, then you can take action.


2. Noticeable decrease in battery life

If you have not used the phone much and your mobile battery sees a significant drop in battery life compared to the rest of the day, then your phone may be hacked. But before confirming that the device is tampered with, you should make sure that the decrease in battery life is not due to any shortcoming.

This can also happen if your device is too old, it can also reduce your battery life. Because the mobile battery can normally last from 6 months to 3 years. So if your device is too old then in this condition you cannot say that your phone has been hacked. But if your device is new and you are noticing a significant reduction in your battery life then the chances of losing your device are high in such conditions.


3. High Data usage

If your phone has been tampered with and you think your data has been spent more than other days, first check your data usage details. See how you have used the data. This way you can easily catch the culprit.


4. Sluggish Performance

You must have noticed that after some time the app crashes automatically and the device freezes again and again. All this happens because of malware and software.


5. Outgoing calls or texts you didn’t send

Sometimes the intention of the hacker is to try to hack without knowing your information anonymously. In which he sends text messages and outgoing calls. Check your SMS history and call records and verify that there are no calls or text messages that could put you at risk of harm.


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Conditional Forwarding Code to Check If Phone Is Hacked or Tapped


As the name suggests, this call forwarding setting comes with conditions. This allows the victim to be detected easily. As when any victim calls the victim, the hacker’s phone will ring once before forwarding the call to another number. Not only that, but one can also use it to forward messages, faxes, etc. to your device. You can use the following code to check if phone is hacked or not.



*#61# This USSD code can be used to find out if someone else is receiving your calls, messages, etc when your mobile device is unresponsive. If you feel like it, you can disable or delete them all by dialing ##61#.


*#062#: Redirection Code

Dialing this phone tapping code proves who receives your tax messages and calls when your device is switched off. If this code shows a number then don’t panic. To disable or delete this setting in one go, dial ##62# from your original number.


Show who catches my data when I’m busy or reject the call: *#67#

Dialing this USSD code shows the status of all other numbers to which calls and messages etc. have been sent when you are busy on another line or rejecting the call. You can disable all these settings by dialing ##67# using your number.


Show all information on conditional phone forwarding *#004#

This code contains the set of all the above codes. After dialing this code, you will have a complete picture of conditional phone forwarding. In simple words, you can see who is receiving your calls or messages thanks to all the conditional forwarding (busy, unreachable, unanswered) of your number. You can delete all conditional forwarding at once by dialing ##004# from your original number.

  • you are out of reach
  • you are busy in the other line
  • you decline the call
  • you don’t answer the call


Unconditional Forwarding Code to Check If Phone Is Hacked


The unconditional call forwarding setting does not allow the victim to easily trace any forwarded calls. When someone calls the victim, this call is not sent to the victim’s number but is sent directly to the hacker’s number. Whether the victim’s number is busy or available to receive calls. Even the victim is not aware of such calls. The hacker can use this setting to forward calls, messages, etc. to his number. The code is used to find out whether your phone has been hacked or typed.


*#21# – The Diversion Code

There is a loophole in the redirection code because it shows up in your phone bill. That’s why hackers have started using diversion through which someone’s call is canceled or it is diverted to some other number, and in this case, you can neither receive calls nor call logs. will see-through.

When you dial this ##21# USSD code, it will show you whether someone else is receiving your calls, messages, etc. without your knowledge. You can dial ##21# to clear all unconditional forwarding settings. You used this Code to Check If Phone Is Hacked And Tapped.

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Other Code to Check If Phone Is Hacked

If you think that your phone has been hacked then you can also find out through these codes.


*#06#: IMEI Check

This *#06# code tells the user about the IMEI number of the device. If you think that your number has been tampered with, then the IMEI number is very important to take legal action against the police. The IMEI number is a unique code associated with your phone hardware. This number helps in tracking the location of your phone or device. Dial *#06# to know the IMEI number of your device. If your device is dual SIM, you will get two IMEI numbers. Note it down in a secure place such as an online note app.

  • First, go to the phone app.
  • Open the dialer app.
  • Input the code *#06#.
  • Your phone IMEI number will appear.
  • Copy the number for later reference.


*3001#12345#* – iPhone Code

For iPhone, you can use this *3001#12345#* number to check if phone is hacked and tapped or not. This code will show your information about RAT (Radio Access Technology) and LTE (Ota Msg, Service Cell Info, and Rach Attempt), which can be used for further analysis.


*#*#197328640#*#*: Utility NetMonitor Code

This code contains information regarding everything that our phone sends or receives, along with the location.

*#*#197328640#*#* is the number to dial to see if your phone is tapped.

Dial this code, show the main menu.
Here, select UMTS Cell Environment > UMTS RR Information, and then note down the cell ID number.
Tap on the back button and return to the main menu. Here, select MM Information > Serving PLMN and note down the local area code visible on the screen.
Open any net monitor website and enter both cell ID and area code to determine if your cell phone has an unknown connection.


Phone Hacking Security Measures

There are some easy ways by which you can avoid hacking. We hope these will be of paramount importance to you.

Code to Check If Phone Is Hacked And Tapped
Phone Hacking Security Measures

Always Use a VPN

When you use a public WiFi or an unsecured Internet connection, be aware that this connection could also be from a hacker. When you are connected to such a connection then they start stealing your data. In such a situation, your security can be greatly improved by using a tool like (VPN) virtual private network.


Security Patches

Always keep your phone’s security patch updated. Because it helps protect your data from hackers, sketchy or unremarkable apps, and advanced security breaches. That’s why you should always keep your security patch up to date. Along with this, your device should also be updated from time to time. Whenever you download an app, do it from Google Play Store itself.


Use Common Sense

Whenever you receive an email com tax message comma SMS, be careful when opening it that you seem anonymous. Fixing is a common tactic for hacking less secure devices. You can also install anti-malware software from a handful of providers like Norton or Kaspersky to ensure better protection of your phone. These apps are easily available to you on the App Store or Google Play.


Use Complex Passwords

Use complex passwords. It increases the security of your phone to a great extent. Because it is not easy to crack or crack complex passwords. These passwords should be used for things like Google account, IT Apple ID, website login, etc. Complex passwords make it difficult for hackers to use brute force hacking methods to access your social media accounts, banking details, and more.

Always keep in mind that you should use a new password for different accounts so that if one account is hacked, all other accounts are safe. Because hackers can easily guess because today’s people are so lazy that they keep the same password same in all their accounts. They are afraid that we might forget the password. But this is your biggest mistake and hacker easily hacks all your accounts.


How To Secure Your Phones From Hackers?

If you think that your phone has been hacked then you have to adopt some advanced methods in this condition. To Unhack the phone, use codes have to be used so that the phone can be protected a little. But still, there is a strong possibility that some hacker might attack your phone because there is some malware in your phone. Follow the methods given below to make a completely secure Android device. This can be done on any of your android mobiles.


  • Uninstall Apps that are Malicious
  • Use VPN Software
  • Do a Factory Reset
  • Change your Password


Follow These Steps To Reset Android Phone To Fix If Phone Is Hacked

  • Go to Phone Settings
  • Click on Backup and Reset Option
  • Select Factory Reset option
  • Click on the Reset Device Option
  • Now Erase Everything and Reset

It will take a few minutes to complete the process, Once it was successfully completed, you can take a long relaxed breath of being secure.



Perhaps you do not know that a hacker can go to any extent to obtain and misuse someone’s personal information. Hackers always do smart things but no matter how smart they are, they leave something behind. But most people are not aware of this reality. Especially regarding the call forwarding setting of their number.

Hackers hack into people’s devices and get their personal information such as text messages, calls, and banking information. But to avoid all these dangers, there are many code numbers that can be used to avoid these incidents. If you think that your device has been hacked then you can use these codes.



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