Unable to Open JPEG Files in Windows - Quick Fixes

Unable to Open JPEG Files in Windows – Quick Fixes

JPEG is one of the most popular image file formats, which is mainly known for its high-quality compression and wide compatibility across multiple platforms and devices. However, sometimes you may experience issues when these JPEG files fail to open in Windows devices. Such instances usually occur due to sudden file corruption, software conflicts, system errors, virus attacks, etc. 

Whatever the cause for this issue, the good news is that you can apply adequate methods to repair your damaged or inaccessible JPEG photos. In this guide, we will explore quick and effective fixes to address the “Unable to Open JPEG Files” in Windows, allowing you to regain access to your valuable image files without much effort.

Common Reasons for JPEG Files Not Opening on Windows PC

Before you apply methods to fix the “Unable to Open JPEG File” issue on your device, it’s important to identify the exact cause for this issue. Here are some common reasons why JPG files are not opening on your computer:


  • File Corruption: JPEG files are mainly corrupted due to incomplete downloads, improper file transfers, or storage media errors. 
  • Software Compatibility Issues: Outdated or incompatible image viewer software can cause compatibility issues when opening JPEG files. 
  • File Associations: Incorrect file associations can prevent JPEG files from opening with the appropriate default image viewer app.
  • Insufficient File Permissions: You might not have adequate file permissions to access JPEG files, preventing them from being opened or modified. 
  • Malware or Virus Infections: Malicious software, such as viruses or malware can infect JPEG files, modify their structure, or delete essential data, leading to corruption or inability to open them.
  • File Format Errors: Errors or inconsistencies in the JPEG file format, encoding parameters, or metadata can cause corruption while opening JPEG files. 

Quick Methods to Fix “Can’t Open JPG Files in Windows 10” Error

Whatever is the cause of Unable to open JPEG in Windows 10 issue on your device, there are several methods to resolve this issue. Here, we will explore various methods, both manual as well as via third-party photo repair software, which you can try to repair JPEG photos:

Method 01: Repair JPEG File Using Stellar Repair for Photo Tool

If you are looking for an easy and quick approach to fix JPEG photos on your device, you can try using a professional photo repair software. Many such repairing tools are available online that can help you repair damaged or corrupted JPEG files. Stellar Repair for Photo is an all-in-one photo repair software that can easily fix image files corrupted due to multiple reasons, such as bad sectors, improper device shutdowns, storage device-related errors, malware attacks, and many more.

Here are some key features of Stellar Repair for Photo tool which make it best for your photo repairing:

  • Supports repairing of not only JPEG photos but also other formats, including JPEG, PNG, RAW, SRW, CRW, RAF, TIFF, DNG, etc.
  • Supports repairing JPEG photos saved on multiple storage devices, such as SD cards, Hard Drives, Pen Drives, USBs, and many more.
  • Allows you to preview the repaired photos before saving them to your device
  • The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices. 

Steps to Repair Corrupt JPEG Files Using Stellar Repair for Photo Tool

Step 1: Download and install the Stellar Repair for Photo tool on your Windows device. Launch the software and from the homepage, add photo(s) that you need to repair.

Repair JPEG File Using Stellar Repair for Photo Tool

Step 2: When the corrupted JPEG photos are added, wait till the repairing process is completed. 

Repair JPEG File Using Stellar Repair for Photo Tool

Step 3: Once the repair is complete, preview the repaired images and click the “Save Repaired Files” button to save them at the desired location. 

Save Repaired Files

Method 02: Reset or Repair Windows Default Photo Viewer

Sometimes the issue may not be with your JPEG photo, but it can be with the photo viewer app or graphic driver installed on your device. In such cases, you can reset/repair or update the photo viewer app or update the graphic driver to fix the “Unable to open JPEG in Windows 10” issues. 

If the problem is with your photo viewer software, you can follow the below-given steps to reset or repair it:

  • Press the Windows + I keys to open the in-built Settings app. 
  • Now, go to the Apps option and select Apps & Features from the left navigation pane. 
  • Scroll down and select the Microsoft Photos app. Click and expand it and then choose the Advanced options

Reset or Repair Windows Default Photo Viewer

  • From the Reset section, click the Reset or Repair button as per your requirement. Go through the on-screen instructions and wait till the app is repaired or reset.

Reset or Repair Windows Default Photo Viewer

Once done with the above steps, reset your computer and check if you can open JPEG files in that photo viewer. 

Method 03: Update Windows Photo Viewer

If resetting or repairing the Windows in-built Photo viewer using the above steps fails to fix the Unable to open JPEG file, you should try updating it. Go through the below-given steps to update the Microsoft Photos app to the latest version from Microsoft Store:

  • Launch the Microsoft Store on your Windows device. 
  • Go to the Library option and then navigate to the Updates & Downloads section.
  • Now, locate and click the Update button next to Microsoft Photos to update the app to the latest version available.

Update Windows Photo Viewer

  • Once the app gets updated, restart your computer and try reopening the JPEG file. 

Method 04: Update Graphic Drivers 

Outdated or incompatible graphics driver is also the main reason why you can’t open JPEG photos in Windows. In such cases, you can update your graphics drivers to resolve compatibility issues and improve your device overall performance. For this:

  • Right-click on the Start menu and choose “Device Manager.”

Update Graphic Drivers

  • Now, expand the “Display adapters” section, right-click on your graphics card, and choose “Update driver.”

Update Graphic Drivers

  • Lastly, select the “Search automatically for updated driver software” option and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.

Update Graphic Drivers

Tips to Prevent JPG Files Not Opening in Windows

Certainly! Here are some preventive measures that you can consider to avoid JPEG files not opening issues on Windows issues:

  • Check File Extensions: Make sure your JPG files have the correct “.jpg” or “.jpeg” extensions. 
  • Use Reliable Software: Utilize trusted image viewers or editors on your Windows device to display JPG files. 
  • Keep System Updated: Ensure your device OS and all the installed software programs are updated to be compatible with JPG files. 
  • Check Disk Health: Monitor and repair disk errors on a regular basis using built-in tools like CHKDSK. 
  • Scan for Malware: Perform regular scans for viruses or malware that could corrupt JPG files. 
  • Avoid Abrupt Shutdowns: Always shut down Windows properly to prevent file corruption. 


Encountering issues when opening JPEG files in Windows can be frustrating, but the above-mentioned fixes can help you resolve the “Unable to open JPEG files in Windows 10” issues. Whether you are using manual methods like updating graphics drivers, repairing or resetting the photo viewer app, or repairing JPEG files using photo repair software, like Stellar Repair for Photo, the key is to apply these methods at the earliest. By following the aforementioned steps and implementing the preventive measures, you can ensure smooth and uninterrupted access to your JPEG files in Windows.

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