What Is the Process of Using a Disposable Temporary Email Service?

Providing email is essential for the internet world, without it you can’t get any services. Today every internet user uses a disposable address service for various kinds of online purposes. The main reason behind this is to login and register multiple websites and applications. Avoiding spam and online fraud, online users often prefer the use of tempmails.net on various sites. It benefits you in multiple ways as there are uncountable things that you want to do. Like reading any ebook, participating in chat groups and getting extra free trials of apps. 

Process of Using Temp Mail:

From an online safety perspective, it is better not to use the primary address. Because there are always chances that spammers could easily get your address. In this way, they start their attacks by sending you phishing attacks. Besides, promotional and advertising emails could cause trouble for you. Like mailbox clogging, time waste and skipping of important emails. In this regard, always use an alternate way to get rid of all these issues.

Look at steps both for the website and the android. Get excellent temporary address service to visit any site, online shopping, gaming, etc. It is simple to follow these procedures.

On Website:

I have given the process for the use of this site for ease of the users. Go through the steps which are given below:

  • Copy the address from the website tempmail.net.
  • Paste these copied temp fake emails at the desired place.
  • Make a strong password while considering the instructions.
  • Receive a certain code in the mailbox.
  • From the inbox of the website, copy it to paste.
  • For generating a new address, delete the current one.

All disposable emails automatically self-destruct after 2 hours. On this site, self-destruction is dynamic. Users’ emails can be deleted after two hours.

On Android:

For the benefit of mobile users, our site has introduced the application for ease. Its procedure is as simple as that of a website. However, there are little variations in it.

  • Download the application of tempmails.net from the play store of your device.
  • After that, install and open it for use.
  • Go to the android app, copy the address the same as you do from the website.
  • Delete the previous address to get the new email address.

Premium Version:

For more advanced features and custom domains, get the subscriptions of the premium. In it, you could easily generate ten custom addresses at a time. Well, there is no requirement for login credentials in the basic version. But in the premium, you have to provide your primary address. Have a glance at the procedure for the premium version:

  • Click on the option of the custom to make an address.
  • Afterwards, enter the username of your choice in the box.
  • On entering the username, select the domain name from the pop-up menu.
  • Select one domain from the option of the ten domains.
  • Your temporary custom address will be shown on the box.
  • It will remain until your subscription ends, which can be on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • In your inbox, all your used addresses will remain safe if you don’t delete them or the subscription ends.


Availing of the services of temp mails make your online presence safe from every perspective. Moreover, you will be free from multiple ambiguities. Use the site freely, whenever you want and choose the desired service packages like basic, or premium using a website or android app. Moreover, its services are easily operated and safest for all kinds of devices and users. It also takes care of the user’s privacy to a large extent.

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