5 Biggest Rumours About Linux Shared Hosting In India

5 Biggest Rumours About Linux Shared Hosting In India


For those looking to purchase the best Linux shared hosting in India for the first time, some new web hosting deals can pull you in. In the market, there are numerous providers, each claiming to be the best. Still, It can be difficult to weigh all of the available web hosting options and select the best one.

Finding a suitable and affordable web hosting service will be simple when you are familiar with some fundamental concepts. To protect yourself from an inadequate provider, you should carefully understand how its functions.

Many business owners pick an alternative that is more expensive than Linux Shared Hosting Plan in India because they believe unreliable information they have heard or read online. But the reality is that shared hosting has many more benefits such as customizable, secure, and reliable service. In this article, we’ll examine the most general rumors about shared hosting.

An Overview of Linux Hosting in India And its Characteristics

Shared hosting is one of the most popular types of web hosting services on the market. It can get used to gain access to a wide range of online services for your company’s website.

The term “Linux Hosting” refers to shared hosting that gets built on the Linux operating system. Your company website uses the fundamental internet resources that get shared by all subscribers on the same server. Due to this nature, Linux Shared Hosting Plan in India comes at a very cost-effective price compared to other hosting plans. Linux is a free-to-use open-source software platform, which further reduces the overall cost of hosting.

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Characteristics of Using India Linux Shared Web Hosting:


With Linux-shared hosting in India, you can get a huge variety of cost-effective, reliable online resources. You can access advanced features at the most affordable prices.

Since Linux is an open-source operating system which means it’s free, hosting companies can charge much less for shared hosting services than for other hosting packages.

There is no Need For Technical Knowledge

To maintain and manage your website while looking for new web hosting options, you’ll need some necessary knowledge. Though, if you select the best Linux shared hosting in India, you won’t need to get concerned about malfunctions and technical problems. Your hosting company takes care of every element of server administration, maintenance, and operation.

Integrated cPanel

When using different hosting services, such as virtual private server hosting or dedicated server hosting, you receive the control panel for the server’s operating system. On the other hand, Linux hosting in India comes with a cPanel control panel that makes it simple for you to manage your hosting environment. Besides this, you gain the independence to manage your website on your own without professional help.

Data Security

Data protection ranks among the most essential factors business website owners should look into when selecting a web hosting provider. Linux-based shared server hosting in India provides the best security updates for safeguarding your information from online threats and unauthorized access.

5 Things That You Should Don’t Believe About Cheap Linux Shared Hosting in India

5 Things That You Should Don't Believe About Cheap Linux Shared Hosting in India

Shared Hosting is The Same as Free Hosting

Every free hosting service you come across will be a shared hosting service, but this does not mean that all shared hosting is free or that shared hosting is inexpensive.

You already know that there is usually a fee even if something appears to be free. Free hosting often has lesser quality customer service and makes no uptime guarantees.

Although it costs only a few dollars more than free hosting, a full-featured Linux shared hosting plan in India offers more advantages. If you own a small business, you should avoid advertisements that come with free hosting.

Linux Shared Hosting is Restrictive in India

There is a common myth that shared hosting resources will get consumed if your company grows. It’s possible that your website won’t be able to function due to a lack of storage, RAM, or bandwidth, in which case you’ll need to switch hosting providers.

Shared hosting is remarkably scalable. To meet the needs of website owners who want to grow their websites and organization, the top providers offer a range of hosting packages at different price points. Beginners can start with a Linux shared hosting plan in India at the lowest level and upgrade as their company and website expand.

It Is Not Safe to Use India Linux Shared Hosting Servers

Perhaps you got told that shared hosting is less safe than other hosting solutions. That is untrue; network security, surveillance, and vulnerability scanning are commonly included in shared paid plans. In addition, DDoS attack prevention, network security, and other security-related facilities are typically available to website owners, all of which are carefully managed by the hosting provider.

Users Should Expect Downtime When Using Linux Shared Hosting in India

Since shared hosting most often experiences outages, this is yet another typical misconception. On the other hand, shared hosting is very reliable.

With 99 percent higher uptime guarantees, the best-shared hosting services deliver on their promises of dependable service. If you have a problem, you can get help right away because they will offer customer support around-the-clock.

All Cheap Linux Shared Hosting in India Are Terrible

This presumption that something less expensive has to be inferior is widely available. It is important to keep in mind that a good web host wouldn’t cost too much. Different web hosts could offer different services and features. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate each one before choosing a reliable and affordable hosting company.


An India-based Linux shared web hosting is the most reliable, practical, and user-friendly hosting option. It makes hosting your website much easier. You won’t need to start managing the website hosting service as your hosting company will handle system administration and maintenance on your behalf.

To save you time and effort, let us recommend one of the most reputable hosting providers that offer exceptional hosting services: Hostbillo Hosting Solutions.

Hostbillo is the major web hosting company in India in the industry due to its reputation for providing top-notch Linux Shared Hosting Plans in India.

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