Two-Column Notes Taking Strategy: How to Apply it to Your Lessons

Two-Column Notes Taking Strategy: How to Apply it to Your Lessons

Taking notes during a class is important and it helps with memory organization. Society used to develop shorthand systems for taking notes, now we just write notes in our native language. But there is an alternative to this, the two-column notes taking strategy.

It is an effective way of taking notes that involves organizing the essential elements of a lecture into two columns. Home tuition is also an effective way of enhancing the learning of students, Ninis Tutor Academy offers home tutor in Karachi for all implemented boards in the city.

The two-column notes taking strategy is a note-taking method that involves organizing information into two columns. The first column is used to list the main ideas, while the second column is used for details and examples of those concepts.

This strategy allows you to quickly review key points from a lecture or speech while also providing extra detail in case you need it later on. Ninis Tutor Academy also provides home tutor in Lahore for various educational boards implemented in the city.

Use of a Two-column notes taking strategy

When taking notes in class, you first use the left-hand side column to take down the information that your teacher is presenting. In this space, you should write down only the main ideas. Once you have written out all of the main points, then use the right-hand column to take down any examples or specific details that relate to each of those points.

Specifics of the Right-hand column

In the right-hand side column, write down questions and concerns. These notes should include any questions that you have, as well as any other details or examples that relate to the main ideas.

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Then at the end of class, you can review these questions and if possible get answers from your teacher or classmates. You should also use this time to review what you have written down and make any corrections as needed. This can help you to understand your classes more thoroughly.

Note points to proper notes

The next step is to use the notes that you have taken and create an outline. This will help you to organize all of the information that you have gathered into a logical order.

Two-Column Note-Taking Strategy: How to Apply it to Your Lessons

Problems that can arise when you use two-column notes taking strategy

Two-column notes are a great way to keep your information organized and easy to understand. However, there are some problems that can arise when you use this strategy. For example, if you’re not careful about how you use your notes, you could end up with a lot of information out of order. This will make it harder for you to remember what happened when and make it more difficult for you to study from your notes later on. Another problem with two-column notes is that they can take a long time to write and edit. If you’re in the habit of taking handwritten notes in class, then this means that every time you need to revise them or add new material, it’s going to take extra effort.

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