Best Career in Space Science | space science course 2021

Best Career in Space Science | space science course 2021

Touch the new height of career in space science.

Many agencies around the world are currently looking at space. Recently, the US space agency NASA has launched a Perseverance Rover on Mars. At the same time, private companies are also planning to send people to Mars.

Indian Space Agency ISRO has also made a long jump into space through Mangalyaan and Chandrayaan. If you are also interested in space and want to pursue a career in space science, then read this article carefully and know that you can touch the heights in this sector.

How to make a career in space science:

In order to pursue a career in space science sector, you need to have 12th or graduation in Math, Physics, and Chemistry subjects. Graduate, Postgraduate, Ph.D. in University Space Science. At the same time, in many institutes, you can also recharge with regard to space science.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) offers its MSc, BSc, MA, and Ph.D. qualified students opportunities, while you can directly make a career in it by taking a degree in Space Research.

Best Career in Space Science | space science course 2021
Space science

After 12th or BSc, you will be able to take such admissions

  • If you want to pursue a career in Theoretical Astronomy or Observation, then it is good to do BSc Physics or Mathematics after 12th.
  • Master-level courses in astronomy can be done with a specialization in theoretical astronomy.
  • If you want to pursue an instrumentation or experimental astronomy career, then Electrical, Electronics, or Electrical Communication BE is necessary after the 12th.
  • To do a Ph.D. in Astronomy, one has to pass the Join Entrance Cleaning Test after BE.

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There will be no worry about fees, banks give education loans

Students are provided with education loans by major nationalized, private or foreign banks. The student has to give details of the admission letter, hostel expenses, tuition fees, and other expenses issued to the student from the institution in which admission is to be done. After this, the final decision has to be taken by the bank.

Space science is divided into four areas

Do you know that space science is also divided into four fields? Let us know which are the fields in which space science is divided.

  1. Astronomy and Astrophysics
  2. Parametry Atmosphere and Agronomy
  3. Earth Science.
  4. Solar System Studies. Astronomy and Astrophysics give information about the principles related to solar, such as solar flare, their relationship to magnetic fields, etc.

It is not necessary to be a master in just one subject, every branch has importance

In fact, Space Science is such a complex subject that it is useless to master any one subject here unless you are also aware of other subjects. A biologist is also as important in space science as an astronaut. Only a biologist can tell whether life is possible on any other planet or how favorable it will be for mankind. Similarly, all subjects related to Physics, Chemistry, and Math are also of great importance.

Competition in the world so became space scientist

At present, India is moving fast in space. At the same time, China is also exploring its possibilities in space. After developing microsatellites in China and Canada, India will have to design better technology to cope with the growing possibilities of space bars. On the other hand, private companies are also stepping into space. This space technology will become a guarantee of safety in the future.

Where can you find great job opportunities?

  • Jobs are almost guaranteed for youth pursuing degrees in astronomy. Degree holders of this subject can not only get jobs as government services, private jobs, teaching, research, and space scientists but can also write a history of success.


  • Professional approaches to astronomy can find a variety of jobs based on the creation of observation instruments, as well as data analysis and computer expertise. It can also find jobs in commercial and non-commercial research, development and testing laboratory, observatory, planetarium and science parks, etc. Teaching and research also have many job prospects.


  • Some non-profit organizations have the opportunity to create astronomical equipment themselves as well as work in astronomy projects.

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ISRO and NASA also get job opportunities

Indian Space Agency ISRO and US Space Agency NASA are always waiting for better space scientists. NASA currently has a large number of Indian space scientists. ISRO has a lot of job prospects in research work in institutions like NASA. In ISRO, you can get an appointment as a mathematician IT professional, biologist.

One can get a chance to work at a place like HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) and NAL, DRDO. Not only this, there is always a demand for a teacher teaching space science in college and research institutes.

Not only private but there is also opportunity in government job

If you are fond of traveling, then you will get lots of opportunities to visit the country abroad, because you have to go to different places on the day of seminars and conference events. After the completion of research work, the employment opportunities increase more.

Astrologers are appointed in many government institutions. Where you are placed in various Scientist grade posts. Where you get other types of benefits in addition to an attractive salary.


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