Choosing the Right Rug for Different Spaces

Choosing the Right Rug for Different Spaces

When it comes to decorating a home, selective pieces have the power to uplift the overall look of the home. With the right pieces, you will be able to give your home the needed finishing touch that will complete the look and aesthetic of your home. One such piece is a rug, but the catch is finding one that is just right for the space. If, by any chance, you choose the wrong size, shape, and pattern rug for your home, then it can greatly dull the appearance. 

In these modern times, people are ditching the old mundane carpet and opting for rugs. Rugs hold the authority to make or break the look of a room. At times, rugs are also handmade where they are made from silk, cotton, wool, and even cotton. The common type of rug that is found in the market is the one where cotton threads are used. 

Rugs for Different Spaces

Before jumping directly to the rug section, it is important to analyze the room and figure out what type and size the rug will fit in the space. To make this job easier, we have jotted down rooms and the rug sizes that you need to follow and discuss below thoroughly:

  • Dining Room

One of the most important yet complex parts when it comes to choosing a rug is for the dining room. The key factor to consider when choosing a rug in this space is making sure that the rug’s size is so big that all the chairs of the dining set sit on it. That is why it is recommended to use one that is a low-pile rug, as then it will be easy to move the chairs when needed. 

The next factors to consider are the fabric and rug’s colour, such as darker tones rug, after which it is important to ensure that the rug meets the criteria of stain-resistant. With a stain-resistant rug, it will be easy for you to wash it, making your job easy.

  • Living Room

In living rooms, most often, the size of the rug dictates the space of the room. The simple equation you can follow here is that the bigger the living space, the bigger the size of the rug. For this, you should make sure that the rug is big enough that the elements of the living room, such as chairs and including your feet, are on the rug instead of the floor. To be on the safer side, it is important to take the measurements of the living space and then follow up by scrolling and surfing through various rug options.

  • Bedroom

Like any other space, choosing a rug for a bedroom depends highly upon the size and layout of the room. For instance, for a centred bed, it is recommended to opt for a rug that extends from the foot of the bed as this will not only help in softening the utterly hard floor but also contribute in addition to warmth as well as texture. 

Thus, the empty area at the foot of the bed will transform into a zone. However, it is very important to factor into consideration that since the rug will be underneath the bed, it will be difficult to clean it, so to tame this problem, it is recommended to lay either small rugs or runners on both sides of the bed.

  • Kitchen

Out of all of the rooms, the kitchen is the one space where you can expect a high-traffic area. This is where you should opt for high-pile rugs since they won’t invite dirt and debris. Along with this, a low pile rug under a certain space, say a sink, is a wise decision since it will absorb all the potential water spills that may happen in the future.

The Final Word

Making the right decision in choosing a rug for a specified space is vital. When it comes to cleaning the rugs, it varies as for low-pile ones, it is recommended to take them out at intervals and shake them. As opposed to this, high piles should be cleaned once every year using all the cleaning materials. Natural fibre rugs that are made from jute or such need minimum maintenance since they tend to attract minor dirt and don’t get stained enough. 

Thus, proper protocols, from choosing a rug to cleaning the same, will help you maintain a sophisticated version of your home’s space. Therefore, this is all the information that is there to know about picking up the right rug for different rooms.

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