How to Draw a Bear? 10 Easy Steps

Bears are far from the simplest things to draw. These unpleasant forms, grunts, and realistic steam can significantly challenge. However, there are several causes why you may like to draw a bear, so let’s look at some easy bear drawings and the techniques you can use.

How to Draw a Bear? An easy steps
How to Draw a Bear


First of all, you need some materials to draw a bear, you want:

  • A sharp pencil
  • A beautiful black lining
  • Simple white paper
  • A flat surface to rely upon
  • A ruler
  • An eraser

Step by Step Learn how to Draw a Bear

How to Draw a Bear in 10 easy steps: Let us!



Step 1: Draw a rough oval for the body

The drawing of a bear from the side often produces the best results. Draw an oval, which is slightly shaken. It does not count if your lines are a bit summery. It just looks like a layer.


Step 2: Bear how to draw the head

About half a centimeter from the body of his bear, you must pull a second circle for your head. It wants to be slightly flattened at the bottom edge, at which the bear skeleton should end. The head must be about one-third of the height approaching it. It is approximately at the center of the bear’s body. It can help watch a photo or two pictures of a bear when you work.



Then place your pencil at the bottom of the head you fired slightly flattened. You will now draw the fast bear. It should be a small rectangle, but they want to lower the lines a little to make them natural. The “background” of your rectangle, in which the chin of the bear will be, should be a softer curve than the upper edge where the nose of the bear will be.


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Step 3: Draw a Bear Avant-Garde

Pull a little back of the bear draw a large oval, which slightly overlaps the bear’s head and the first 1/3 of the bear’s body. It should be a little naughty so that the foot of the bear ends under the bear. Sketch a small oval on the floor for the bear’s front paw. You can now connect to the head and body by peeling lines inclined at the back of the bear head on the top of the shoulder joint, then at the back to back.


Step 4: Draw the second front device

Tighten a second oval half under the bears to look like progress. Add the paw to the end.



Step 5: How to draw a bear’s first rear leg

Put your pencil just below the leakage edge of your Bear body and crunch a rough oval for the back leg, which comes to the same point as your leg before, so that the bear is on a flat surface. It is best to expand the top of the bear breeding legs to create a “hip.” The front of the leg must be a little curved and burner than the back of the leg. Add a paw below, and the first rear leg is complete.


Step 6: How to draw a bear’s second back leg

You should now have a place available between the front leg and the back leg. Here you want to shoot a small half-oval to come back to a similar level to clean the paws. It is the last leg. Put the paw at the end of the leg, and you have the floor plan for your bear!



Step 7: It’s time to delete!

You cannot expect you to rob your hard work, but you are now where you can start getting out of the direction you used. Before doing it, fill in a place where you do that. They lack uninterrupted lines that make the shape of your bear. It could be the neck where the Berry chin must meet the head and between the rear legs.


Once you have finished, delete all the lines of your bear body, apart from those that define the front leg before the back and the one that shows the rear leg in the deception of the abdomen. You should also exit the line that represents the foreground in the foreground of the stomach. Delete the lines between the legs and legs, and they have a large tear.



Step 8: Bear drawing face and ears

Its bear now needs two sweet ears. Connect a small semicircle behind the bear’s head and draw the other rough semicircular level with it, but on. Then they draw a little eye (the bears have tiny eyes) and a nose at the end of the bear strap. Drag a small line to open the bear’s mouth and remove the back to open the mouth.


Step 9: Make fur in Shaggy

Use your pencil to add Shaggine to Bearfel. It can focus on bears and add a shadow to his legs, stomach, and back. You can also add some claw details a bit of definition at the top of the bear’s head and nose points.



Step 10: Describe your Bear 

As shortly as you are happy with the general shape of your bears, take your long linen and fill the limbs! You can change between the pencil and the fine liner to make the darkness and contrasting silver lines.



If your bear does not look perfect, do not worry! You can always go another. I hope it. They have something they are proud of, even if they think we can do better next time. If you still have a problem, seize a glimpse at bear photos, look at their body’s shape, and compare them to their drawing. Do not give up; Art is a process, and you can only improve yourself, so try it!



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