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Increase the Traffic of a site to Boost its Sales

Are you looking for ways to increase site traffic? Are you wondering how to develop your turnover to give a new impetus to your sales? The blog is a real nugget to get a business off the ground. Indeed, a real showcase on the web, a well-referenced site is a real asset for capturing new markets. Because techniques evolve at high speed, natural referencing, also called SEO, and its many developments must be part of the universe of any web entrepreneur. What are the best practices to adopt? How to get help? Here are the best ways to improve your traffic.

Boost Sales

1 – Perform an SEO audit to find areas for improvement

Analyze the structure of the website

Is your attendance down? When a site displays statistics that are far from the sales objectives, an SEO audit is required. Pages must be referenced in such a way that they appear naturally at the top of the list of search results. Examination of the bounce rate indicates in particular whether readers linger on a site for a long time or whether they leave immediately. As a reminder, the bounce rate indicates the percentage of Internet users who arrived on a page of the site and who left it without consulting others.

The general architecture helps make Google look good, but it’s not enough. Smooth navigation and the relevance of information reinforce its credibility. With a site providing added value from the search engine result, the attention of Internet users is immediately grabbed to embark on the world of the entrepreneur. 

Loading speed, a responsive site for a pleasant reading on mobile, and security with the https protocol, are the basis for giving the reader confidence. In addition, the quality of information, links, and internal and external networking reinforce its positioning. 

Review page and content types 

Thanks to relevant pages, the Internet user navigates according to the information provided by the site and seeks immediate answers. He also wants to know his owner; wants to know who he is dealing with to judge whether his expertise is legitimate or not. The “about” page allows you to detail the experience, as well as the geolocation of the company to reinforce its credibility. 

The descriptive page of products or services must be attractive and contain a minimum of words, entrepreneurs have understood this. However, it is, however, difficult to optimize this part because, very often, the length of the duplicated content does not fit into Google’s indexing criteria. It is therefore the ancillary articles that the entrepreneur must take care to optimize, to send them to the product pages.

A site will be all the better referenced if it is associated with an active blog, that is to say, which publishes regularly. To increase the traffic of a site and strengthen its expertise, the publications must be qualitative.


2 – Rely on SEO professionals

By starting a partnership with an SEO web editor, the entrepreneur optimizes his chances of succeeding in increasing the traffic of a site. Writing for the web takes time and it’s a profession in its own right. By delegating the writing to a qualified author, the owner of the site joins forces with professional ghostwriting, and original content based on reliable sources, compatible with natural referencing.

To promote his client, the editor takes care to appropriate the universe, the values, the expertise, and the objectives of the site to be promoted. He follows the evolution of the turnover from the initial audit and adjusts, if necessary, the editorial schedule established at the beginning of the mission. 

Why not demand the best to boost your sales? The web editors trained by Lucie Rondelet are guaranteed quality. SEO expertise, mastery of spelling and syntax, versatility… They support web entrepreneurs to respond to orders on the most varied themes. Thanks to measurement tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, and many others, they evaluate the performance of sites and writings. With them, the advice is always relevant, fair, and personalized. How to contact them? Our platform is designed especially for entrepreneurs in a hurry. Less than 5 minutes are enough to select the talents that will make sales take off. Thanks to them, the investment is quickly profitable and is beyond expected expectations. To test without moderation!


3 – Optimize your articles to appeal to search engines

Place keywords wisely

The quality of the content is paramount. However, its structure is important. Working on the keywords (key queries) is essential to position the page in the top position of search engines. Be careful, it is not a question of placing the maximum number of keywords, as many sites have been able to do in the past. Google’s algorithm substitutes for the reader and detects over-optimized writing. 

Working on long-tail key queries allows you to position yourself on a less competitive theme. With the increase in voice searches, these groups of 4 or 5 words are more targeted and therefore in tune with the questions that Internet users are asking: this is how entrepreneurs can improve the traffic of a site quickly.

Build a concrete structure

Similarly, mastering HTML tags, meta-titles and meta-descriptions make it possible to captivate the Internet user or mobile user very quickly: an article must convince its reader in barely 7 seconds! Catchy titles and subtitles should entice them to continue reading. By embellishing the text with SEO-optimized images, the article becomes more pleasant to read. 

Google’s algorithm monitors the time spent on a website. The more the reader dwells on it, the more Google considers the content to be qualified. Articles must provide reliable information, thanks to captivating texts. The user experience is thus enhanced. Everything to please natural referencing!


4 – Capture your audience to increase site traffic

Focus on organic traffic first

By naturally attracting Internet users to its site, qualified traffic is generated and this indicator is recognized by search engines. This traffic, built over time, is the result of profitable optimization work and continues over the long term. The site then becomes unbeatable for a long time.

Seeking to capture organic traffic is notably much more effective than subscribing to paid advertisements on search engines. Having an ephemeral impact, advertising via paid traffic attracts 2.5% of searches on a commercial site. Organic traffic, meanwhile, drains nearly 57% of searches on an e-commerce site (source SEMrush). It is preferable to invest in techniques with high potential.

Communicate on social networks 

To promote its publications, nothing is more effective than information via social networks. The publication of the latest articles is announced there, without forgetting to encourage its contacts to take action: sharing on the various networks, subscription to the newsletter, subscription to a product launch in preview, link to the pages of sales, etc. 

The notoriety of the entrepreneur has been reinforced thanks to judicious, non-duplicated content that readers enjoy relaying and commenting on. A real dialogue is established between the author of the site and his prospects. Targeting market expectations is much more identifiable. The brand image of the company is reinforced, which makes it possible to acquire authority in the matter.

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