Become an SEO consultant: profession, training and support

The SEO consultant, also called referrer, is a specialist in the positioning of websites on search engines. This growing profession offers many opportunities for those who wish to go freelance or join an agency. We will review the different steps to become an SEO consultant, the training available, as well as the services and benefits offered by these professionals.

The profession of SEO consultant


  • The profession of SEO consultant
  • Training to become an SEO consultant
  • Work in an agency or as a freelancer
  • The services and benefits of an SEO consultant

An SEO consultant ‘s mission is to optimize the visibility and SEO positioning of websites on search engines, including Google. It analyzes the performance of the site, identifies areas for improvement and proposes appropriate technical and editorial solutions. The goal is to increase the notoriety of the site, to attract more qualified traffic and to generate conversions (sales, contacts, registrations, etc.).

The main missions of an SEO consultant include:

  • SEO analysis and audit: study of the site, its architecture, its content, its popularity and its competitors;
  • Technical optimization: improvement of structure, source code, loading speed, mobile compatibility, etc.;
  • Content writing and optimization: creation of texts optimized for SEO, integration of relevant keywords, enrichment of meta tags, etc.;
  • Net linking: development of partnerships, link exchanges, registration in thematic directories, etc.;
  • Monitoring and reporting: monitoring of positions on search engines, traffic analysis, identification of opportunities and adjustment of the SEO strategy according to the results.


The job market in the field of SEO is constantly changing. More and more companies understand the importance of a good ranking on Google and other search engines. This is why job offers for SEO consultants are increasingly numerous and varied.

Training to become an SEO consultant

There is no university course dedicated to the profession of SEO consultant, but several training courses in digital marketing, communication or IT can provide the necessary skills. Here are some examples:

  • BTS/DUT in IT, multimedia or communication;
  • Professional license in web marketing, e-commerce, SEO and web writing;
  • Master end marketing digital, technologies de information, communication digital, etc.

Specialized schools and training organizations also offer cost-per-acquisition (CPA) courses dedicated to natural referencing, such as:

  • Short courses (1 to 5 days) in SEO, SEA, SMO, Web Analytics…
  • State Recognized Professional Certifications (RNCP)
  • Online training (e-learning), MOOCs, video tutorials…

It is also possible to train on your own, thanks to the many blogs, forums, webinars and conferences dedicated to SEO. The key is to be curious, rigorous and passionate about the web and new technologies.

Work in an agency or as a freelancer

The SEO consultant can practice his profession as an employee of an SEO agency, a global communication agency, or even a company with an internal digital department. The main missions are then to advise and support the agency’s clients in the implementation of their SEO strategy, and to monitor the results obtained to adjust actions if necessary.

Some SEO consultants choose to work freelance, that is to say on their own account. They offer their services (benefits) directly to companies, associations, communities or individuals who need to improve their visibility on search engines.

The advantages of freelance status are freedom of organization, the possibility of choosing clients and projects, and often higher remuneration than in an agency. However, it also requires good administrative and financial management, as well as active commercial prospecting to find customers.



The SEO expert often works in collaboration with other web professionals, such as developers, designers, writers and project managers. This multidisciplinary experience is valuable, because an effective SEO strategy requires a comprehensive understanding of how a website works.

In terms of salary, the SEO consultant can expect competitive compensation, especially if he has a good experience. Salary will of course depend on experience, location, company size and level of responsibility.

At ADPREMIER, we are proud of our SEO consultants who bring their skills and passion to each project. They make sure every page on your site is SEO optimized, creating quality content that attracts both visitors and search engines.

The services and benefits of an SEO consultant

Whether they work in an agency (as in our SEO for Architects agency) or as a freelancer, an SEO consultant generally offers a varied range of services to meet the needs of their clients:

  • SEO audit: site analysis, identification of strengths and weaknesses, optimization recommendations;
  • SEO strategy: definition of objectives, choice of keywords, publication schedule, etc.;
  • Technical and editorial optimization: improvement of architecture, code, content, etc.;
  • Writing optimized content: blog articles, product sheets, landing pages, etc.;
  • Net linking campaigns: search for partners, link exchanges, submission to directories, etc.;
  • Training and support: advice, training of internal teams on good SEO practices, monitoring of results, etc.

Finally, an SEO consultant must keep himself constantly informed of developments in search engine algorithms, as well as new SEO techniques and tools, in order to offer services that are always up to date and effective for his clients. But the work of an SEO consultant does not stop there. An important part of their job is to analyze site traffic, study statistics and adjust the strategy accordingly. Search analytics tools, like Google Analytics, are essential for this part of the job.

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