Masks are necessary but do not let the skin get sick: 2021

Masks are necessary but do not let the skin get sick: 2021

Wearing masks are causing stains on many girls’ skin. Actually, these skin problems are coming due to perspiration and freezing under the masks. It is also necessary to wear a mask now, so in this case, some things will also have to be taken care of.

Wearing a mask if you have skin problems…

If wearing a mask has started to irritate the skin of that part of the face or stain spots, pimples have come out. If you go anywhere, then wearing a mask is also necessary. In the situation that is going on, we cannot leave and wear masks. So there are problems. Since you are wearing a mask, the skin color of that part of the face has become different.

The skin color under the nose that surrounds the mask is the same as it was, but the part above the nose which has been open is separated from the tanning. But there is also the question of what should we do in such a situation.

Beauty experts at the beauty parlor Daffodil say that they have a lot of beauty queries with this type of mask. Experts say that when you wear masks, the mask can trap moisture, sweat, oil, and dirt in your skin.

As a result, there is a bad effect on the face as well as blood vessels along with red-colored boxes, acne, pimples, sun, rashes, etc. For these skin problems, you have to take special care of your skin.

Also what kind of mask are you wearing. Special attention will have to be paid to that. Similarly, to protect the open face from tanning, apply a moisturizer on the face for about 30 minutes before wearing a mask, and after that use 30 SPF power sunscreen lotion.

PA rating of sunscreen is also required to be around +++. Experts say, when you are wearing a mask, apply sunscreen once in the open part of the body before that. This will cause double sunscreen layering of the open face. Which will protect the skin from pimples, acne, and tan. 

Masks are necessary but do not let the skin get sick: 2021
Wearing a mask if you have skin problems

Apply a thin strip of zinc oxide

Apply a thin layer of zinc oxide to the face to prevent pressure loss from the mask. Zinc oxide is a skin guard that is also applied to cure diaper rash. There will be no skin problems after applying the mask.

It is necessary to take a mask break


Skin experts say that it is necessary to take a 15-minute mask break every 4 hours. This will help to keep the skin of that place healthy. Wearing a mask continuously can cause rash, pimples, roughness behind the ears, etc. Clean your face before and after using the masks. Then apply moisturizer. Select products that are level non-comedogenic and do not exclude pores.

Do not apply sunscreen cream-based gel-based. It keeps sweat under control. Also if you do makeup. So do not makeup. Applying makeup stops oxygen circulation in the face. Our skin does not breathe properly.

Due to which there is also the fear of infection with acne. It is very important to apply sunscreen to avoid the strong sunlight, but try to have your sunscreen water-based, which can control sweat and oil.

Avoid applying creams etc. on your skin, because your skin may become oily due to heat. Instead of cream, apply a lightweight moisturizer to the skin. After removing the mask, wash your face thoroughly with a face wash.

If there are pimples or rashes on your skin by wearing a mask, then after applying the mask, apply petroleum gel on the skin. 6 Tips: How to Keep Focus While Working From Home? 2021


Use 100 percent cotton mask

According to the US Center for Disease Control, use 100% cotton masks in summer instead of heavy masks. It absorbs sweat. Mask made of the same polyester and synthetic spreads the sweat. Designers say that the way the dress is worn according to the weather, it is important to take care of the weather while carrying the mask as well.

Keeping in mind the summer, at this time designers are preparing fashion and cotton masks to protect them from sunlight and dust. The price of which starts from around ₹ 50.

Skincare experts at Huddersfield University say that skin damage caused by wearing a face mask is due to sweat and rubbing of the mask on the nose. Another expert, the director of the Institute of Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention, says the processor sweats under the mask and causes friction. Due to which there is pressure damage on the nose and cheeks. This can cause the skin to crack.

Which can cause skin infection. On this, skin expert Dr. Sanjay Mahajan explains that if the mask will fit on the face, then you will be saved from many problems in the same way. Second, people wearing masks keep their skin clean, well hydrated and moisturized. Remove the pressure of the mask once in a while, this will help the skin to breathe. Which will not cause any skin problems.


Keep these things in mind

  • Mask should be removed for a short period of time after every 2 hours.


  • Face masks must fit on the face.


  • Use a thread-mask instead of elastic.


  • Take care of the fabric while buying the mask.


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