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Take care of children like this in changing season

Take care of children like this in changing season

When the weather is changing, it becomes very important to take care of your children as well as your own. A little carelessness can prove to be harmful to the health of your beloved. Therefore, the responsibility of parents increases during the monsoon season. Let us tell you what things should be taken care of to keep children healthy in this season.

Cleanliness: During the monsoon season, due to the accumulation of water and mud, dirt remains in places. Which can contain many types of germs. Along with mosquitoes, many types of insects are born in this season. In such a situation, take special care of the cleanliness of the house and surroundings.

Use phenyl to wash the floor of the house as children often sit in the house. Due to this, they are at risk of infection. Wash their hands immediately after coming from outside. Also, take special care of the cleanliness of the children’s sleeping and sitting areas.

Feed only homemade food: Many types of bacteria start growing during the rainy season. In such a situation, it would be right that children should not be allowed to eat anything outside at all. Feed them only home-cooked food. Avoid food that has been kept for a long time. Yes, seasonal fruits can be given. This increases the power of fighting diseases in children.

Avoid getting wet: It is common to get wet during the rainy season. If this happens, then immediately let the children wear clean clothes before and after clean water. Give them a decoction after bathing. Try to wear cotton clothes only in such weather.

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Give boiled water: Children are more prone to get infected during the monsoon season. However, there is a high risk of infection in the water. In such a situation, if possible, give filtered or boiled water to the children to drink. Germs repellant liquid can be used to avoid germs.

Do not allow mosquitoes to breed: With rains, diseases like malaria, and dengue start spreading. Mosquitoes are the main reason for this. So do not allow mosquitoes to breed in and around the house. Do not allow water to collect in coolers, pots, tubs, etc. Keep cleaning from time to time, and try to make children sleep in mosquito nets.

Maintain cleanliness in food: Children are more affected by the mess in the food. Whatever you give to children to eat, wash them thoroughly with clean water. If you want to feed food, feed it hot only. Wash your hands thoroughly before serving food. Make it a habit for children to wash their hands with soap every time before and after eating food.

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