get relief from joint pain

This is how you can get relief from joint pain in the rain

No matter how much you like rain, if because of this you start having pain in the joints, then the fun of rain can also become a punishment. So what can you do, let us know?

Keep yourself active:

Exercise is very important for every part of your body. It not only gives you relief from joint pain but also keeps you mentally healthy. You can also go for aerobics, strength training, cycling, yoga, and morning walks for joint pain. But keep in mind that you do not over-exercise. Before starting exercise, consult a physiotherapist.

Distance from AC:

Many people have a humid day or rainy season, they cannot sleep without AC. But if you have joint pain or any other bone-related problem then do not sleep in AC at all. This may further aggravate your problem.

Through teaching:

If you have a problem with muscle pain, you can try hot or cold compresses to get relief. Through hot or cold compresses, you get some relief from pain to some extent and quickly. For this, you apply oil to the affected area and massage it. This will improve your blood circulation and reduce pain. Apart from this, you can also try cold compresses on the injury.

Give on diet:

Take vitamin E to get relief from muscle and joint pain. Through this, you can get rid of free radicals. In addition, it also takes care of your skin cells. For vitamin E, you can consume avocado, berries, green vegetables, and fish.

However, if you are already suffering from any physical problem, then definitely consult your doctor before taking the diet. Do not eat sweets, bakery products, packet food, fried, and any kind of junk food during joint and muscle pain. This can increase your pain. Also give rest to your body, keep in mind that you have to do all these measures only under the supervision of the doctor.

Make calcium and protein your partner:

To avoid this problem and to get relief, also include calcium-rich and protein-rich food in your diet. Sometimes you may also have problems due to vitamin D and B12. For this, you can include Vitamin D and B12 diet in the diet.

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