Along with physical exercise, mental exercise is also important

Just like yoga is necessary for physical exercise, similarly solving puzzles is necessary for mental exercise

Just as exercise is needed to keep the body fit and strong, in the same way, you need mental exercise to increase the exercise power of the mind. Puzzles can help you with this task. Be it crossword, sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, or any game played on the screen. Engaging your mind in all kinds of activities makes you smart.

Let us tell you that riddles were used in 1700 BC in Cyprus and 700 BC in China. In modern times the jigsaw puzzle was introduced by John Spilsbury in 1767. The crossword was first published in 1913 and the Rubik’s Cube was created in 1974.

Advantages of puzzles:

Along with physical exercise, mental exercise is also important.

Exercises both sides of the brain: The left side of the brain controls analytical and logical thinking and the right side controls the creative. When you’re solving puzzles, you’re working on both sides equally.

Improve memory: We use memory in the process of completing puzzles when we remember shapes, patterns, and pieces and imagine where they fit.

Improve problem-solving skills: Solving puzzles requires different approaches. So we learn how to work by “trial and error”. so that the decision can be taken.

Improves mood: Puzzles increase the production of dopamine in the brain. It is a neurotransmitter that controls mood, memory, and concentration. Dopamine is released with each success as we solve puzzles.

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