Traveling to the Four Corners: You Can Meet Where Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado Meet Too

Traveling to the Four Corners: You Can Meet Where Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado Meet Too

With a location name that is more practical than made up, the 4 Corners region of the Southwest is literally made of the area where four states meet up including Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. Within that singular range of area, there are more geology sites, archeology, southwestern culture, and amazing tourism locations than most other parts of the U.S. in total. That makes the 4 Corners one of the well-known travel secrets best explored by car versus flying in and only staying in one location.

The 4 Corners area is a network of highways and landscapes that make up one of the best examples of Southwestern geography and colorful desert landscapes. People are easily going to find the big desert buttes of the old Wild West movies as well as ancient history and modern amenities. While it includes crowded locations like Moab and Cliff House, the region also includes a stuffed portfolio of small towns and southwestern living that makes up the desert U.S. today. There are plenty of recreational activities in the area too, ranging from the obvious hiking and biking to river rafting and astronomy trips.

The nice thing about the Four Corners is the fact that it can be visited year-round. While there is plenty of rain during the cold months, it doesn’t stick around much unless a visitor is going off-road. In that case, it isn’t just recommended but practically required to use a four-wheeled high-clearance vehicle. Otherwise, a basic car is definitely going to get stuck in the mud. Flash floods are also a risk in the wet months mainly in the chutes and deep valley areas where water collects quickly. Because the high desert weather can change quickly in the same day, it’s always a smart idea to keep an eye out on the sky as well as weather predictions for the day in general. It’s also good to bring a thick jacket in the winter as the high desert gets mountain cold with little vegetation present.

Lodging and restaurants in the Four Corners are plenty as well. While smaller towns may only have basic motels, there are lots of smaller bed and breakfasts for more comfortable stays. Most visitors plan for at least a week in the region versus a quick visit. A good number fly in from Las Vegas, Denver, or Albuquerque and then drive into the area for a more up-close look at the Four Corners in detail.

Bigger towns like Cortez and Blanding offer more amenities in the area, including fast food and grocery stores as well as more unique services like the Cortez marijuana dispensary and similar. It makes for a relaxing trip for all types of backgrounds and interests, ranging from study and scientific work to flat-out getting away from the rat race and hanging out with a cold beer in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes, that’s the best way to relax.


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