Glock Trigger Kits

The Ultimate Guide to Glock Trigger Kits

Trigger upgrades are a great way to improve the feel and accuracy of your Glock. Many trigger kits reduce pre-travel and offer options that change trigger geometry.

A seasoned shooter knows that the right Glock trigger upgrade will shrink groups, cut the time between shots, and give you a fraction of a second advantage. A good trigger will also be more consistent and crisp.


Glock trigger upgrades can dramatically improve your pistol’s reliability, performance, and sensitivity. They also reduce trigger pinch, which can be a severe issue for duty or self-defense pistols requiring multiple rounds per magazine.

Most of these trigger kits work by replacing the disconnector with a new one. This change can shorten the overall trigger travel, eliminate pre-travel, and provide a crisp reset that makes follow-up shots a breeze.

A drop-in trigger kit is a complete replacement for the factory trigger assembly, and it’s designed to be installed in your handgun without needing advanced gunsmithing skills or tools. It typically includes a trigger shoe, connector, and trigger bar, and it can be paired with other accessories like a match-grade disconnector or a flat trigger shoe for more customization. Popular brands offer this type of trigger. They’re available in various colors and configurations so that you can find the perfect trigger upgrade for your pistol.

Complete Kit

One of the best parts about Glocks is that they are incredibly modular. This is true for everything from triggers to grips, and many companies make various replacement parts compatible with your Glock. One of the most popular is agency arms, and they make a complete Glock trigger kit with a trigger shoe, connector, and trigger bar.

This complete trigger offers a variety of upgrades, from a smooth trigger with a deburred and tuned surface to a 30% power spring for quick and fierce trigger resets. It is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their Glock 19 Gen 5 or other Glock models.

The complete trigger includes a new Glock trigger, upgraded trigger housing, and trigger connector. It is easy to install and can be done in minutes. Testing out the gun after installation with a few rounds of live ammo is recommended to ensure all components work correctly together.


A few options exist depending on what you want from your Glock trigger. Whether that’s working with all the stock parts, swapping out just one or two components like the trigger connector, or changing the entire system.


As the name suggests, a connector connects your trigger to the rest of the gun. These are a critical part of the trigger system and can significantly impact your Glock’s overall performance. For instance, a high-quality connector can reduce trigger weight or increase the distance between your finger and the back end of the trigger shoe. This allows you to make more precise shots.

The Lantac SSR-3.5 Super Short Reset Connector is one of the most reliable options for Glock owners. It has a flat trigger ledge made from stainless steel to prevent overtravel. It also has a smooth finish to help minimize friction and reduce the chance of accidental discharge.

It is an excellent choice for competitive shooters who want to improve accuracy. You can pair it with other trigger upgrades, such as a new trigger shoe, to optimize your Glock’s shooting experience. However, it is essential to note that precise shots depend on your skills and abilities rather than the trigger.

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