5G Technology

Best 5G Technology | Airtel is Starting an Experiment in Hyderabad

5G TechnologyEverything will be from 5G technology, Airtel starts experimenting in Hyderabad. Technology has left a very significant imprint on our lives. It has started appearing in every aspect of our lives.

The nationwide lockdown has had a huge impact on the needs of the Internet during the last year. Every person is connected to mobile at all times and wherever he or she is, he or she remains in need of high-speed internet.

This series will continue to grow even further and will not diminish. Everything is awaited that the arrival of 5G wireless technology to India is working fast in this direction. Airtel is playing an important role in this and recently successfully demonstrated 5G technology on a commercial network carried in Hyderabad.

5G Technology
5G Technology
Now let’s talk about its specification, so 5G technology is going to play its big role in every field, so let’s look at all these areas of 5G in which it is going to play a special role.

Speed (5G Technology)

The first question about 5G technology is what its speed will be. It is said that 4GB of 4K video will be downloaded in just 3 minutes. Meaning that you will reach the world of Mbps to Gbps, you will be able to download HD video or any file faster, besides the speed of transferring data will also increase manifold. 10 to 100 times faster than 4G, you will be able to do all that with 5G technology, which you cannot do in 4G.

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Multi-Device (5G Technology)

When everyone came from 3G to 4G, we saw that the scope of the Internet has increased. Where before we were able to browse through the phone, now we can go shopping, streaming, gaming, and many other things.

After the arrival of 5G, the things that were already being done will be improved, as well as new types of Internet devices will be connected that apart from the phone, your fridge, TV, AC, and other household items will also be connected to the Internet.

You will be able to control all these from your smartphone anywhere. It is also possible that this smartwatch will send all the details of your nurse to your doctors.

The entertainment sector will boom

After the arrival of 5G, the entertainment industry will get the biggest boost. Along with this, movies, web series, and many entertainment areas will come closer to the audience.

When 5G’s ultra-fast speed and low latency are combined with virtual reality, a new type of cinema will emerge for the audience. It is also possible that you will enjoy the premium event of some movies right from home. You will feel as if you are sitting with the film stars and watching.

Everything will be fast in the world of the Internet

The latency problem you are facing while using the internet will go away with 5G as users get less latency in it. If the page is not loading on the application or the web. So latency is the biggest reason behind this.

After this, the command is given on the mobile and the subsequent response takes time. That time is called latency. The higher it is, the longer the response. But nothing like this will happen in 5G.

With the arrival of 5G, the page will load faster, the connectivity will increase and the response will also be available soon. Which will save our time, due to which we will do more work in less time.

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The business will get a boost

After the arrival of 4G, many companies saw the possibility and after that, they launched many of their applications in the market. Through the phone, the customer was provided with better Services, which has seen a lot of increase in his business.

But when 5G comes into the market, then 5G technology will increase such business even better and faster. At the same time, new types of business and jobs will be generated after the arrival of 5G.

Service sector

5G technology has come in some countries of the world and in India, it is also being worked on rapidly because we know that the future also belongs to it. Airtel is continuously working to provide the best service to its customers through 5G.

It is the first telecom operator in India to successfully perform live 5G service in 1800 MHz band on a commercial network in Hyderabad. For this Dynamic spectrum sharing technology has been used.

Airtel’s successful test and performance prove that it will be able to provide 5G service facilities. to its customers at the earliest with the help of its best technology. Just waiting for the government’s approval.

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