you have forgotten your mobile pattern lock

How to Break Mobile Pattern Lock? Easy Tips and Tricks 2023

If you have forgotten your mobile pattern lock, then reading the news carefully will definitely work for you –

It has become very difficult to remember everything in today’s busy life. And nowadays, with the fact that everything is online, remembering your password has become even more difficult. Every time you need a new password, in such a situation it is very humbling to remember a password.

In such a situation, most people forget their email and phone passwords. And they are unable to remember even after wishing. After which you have difficulty. If you have also forgotten the pattern lock of your mobile, then there is nothing to worry about. The way I am going to tell you today, it works 90% mobile. Best Top 10 Video Editing Apps For Android Mobile

you have forgotten your mobile pattern lock
you have forgotten your mobile pattern lock

Due to very little information, people reach the technician and take from 200 rupees to 400 rupees to 500 rupees. If you know this, you will never go to the technician and can save both your money and time. If you get this information, then you can reset the pattern lock of your mobile easily.

So let us tell you how you can reset your mobile pattern lock. Before I tell you one more thing, resetting your mobile’s pattern can also delete your mobile’s internal memory, data, and contacts.

If you want to take this little risk and your data is not so useful, then you can reset your mobile pattern lock. So, know how you can reset your mobile password. So read the full post-


Unlock Mobile Pattern
Unlock Mobile Pattern

You have to do (Unlock Mobile Pattern Lock)

First of all, switch off your mobile if your phone does not ask for your password.

After that, hold the power-up button and the volume-down button of the volume-up button simultaneously on your mobile for 10 seconds.

But it does not work on some mobile phones, so for that, you have to press all the buttons on the mobile for 10 seconds. If this also does not work, then some methods will be used from below.

1. Home Button + Power Button + Volume Up key

2. Home Button + Power Button + Volume Down Key

3. Power Button + Volume Up key

4. Power Button + Volume Down Key

After doing this, you will see the option of resetting, after that you can reset your mobile phone password.

You must have seen in some mobile phones that while running the mobile, it hangs, if your phone also hangs, then you can also adopt this trick at that time.

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After that, you have to scroll with Power Button, and where the option of Wipe data / Factory Reset appears, then after that OK with Power Button. After which your phone will be reset. And the password which was put in your mobile phone, now the password will also be reset.

After resetting the mobile phone, now you can apply a new Mobile Pattern Lock or password which you want to use on your mobile phone. Keep in mind that now you use a password that you do not forget.


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