Increases estrogen levels in some food items

Estrogen levels will be correct, there will be no health problem 2021

Flu problems such as viral fever and colds increase as winter arrives, but a new study has shown that the female sex hormone estrogen protects women from the flu. Here is a report:

Problems like cough and cold are common in winter, but this winter is different from the previous winter because we are also battling the coronavirus at this time. In such a situation, one cannot ignore the flu-like symptoms at all.

If these symptoms are not taken too seriously, they can cause serious problems. In such a situation, we should avoid these diseases as much as possible and if we are sick, we should treat them as soon as possible, taking these diseases lightly can become a big challenge.

Increases estrogen levels in some food items
Healthy foods

Many diseases are associated with the flu

Many diseases caused by the flu influenza virus are related to inhalation. This can lead to serious health problems and if severe, one may have to be admitted to the hospital. These problems can lead to pneumonia and sometimes even death.

Flu activity in India usually starts in November and peaks in December to February. Depending on the season, it can last till the end of March. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 35.5 million people have been infected with the flu during the 2018-2019 flu season, resulting in about 34,000 deaths.


Estrogen protects against flu

A new study has shown that the female sex hormone estrogen protects women from the flu. Estrogen has antiviral properties fighting against HIV, Ebola, and hepatitis viruses. Estrogen hormone is a sex hormone found in women.

This hormone is helpful in the development of the reproductive system of women. There is a huge role of this hormone in the body of women, which controls the heart to the brain. According to new research, it reduces the flu virus in women, but not in men.

According to America’s Johns Hopkins Blumberg School of Public Health, this protective hormone is extremely good for women, as it naturally occurs in them. Which keeps them from many problems.

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This was the first study in which the estrogen receptor was identified. The estrogen receptor is responsible for the antiviral effects of estrogen. Apart from this, the estrogen hormone gives a sign to your skin and helps you look younger.

Gynecologist Dr. Seema Singh says that the level of estrogen should neither be too high nor too low in the body. If its level is low in the body, then you will see some symptoms like sudden heat, difficulty sleeping, mood changes, sexual desire and changes in cholesterol levels.

If you feel that your body is deficient in estrogen, then you can increase its quantity by improving your lifestyle and including some things in the diet.

Increases estrogen levels in some food items

Gynecologist Dr. Manisha Ranjan says that it is possible to increase estrogen levels naturally. All that needs to be done is some changes in the diet. There are many supplements that you can try. Yes, but before taking this medicine, please consult your doctor once. First of all, talk to your doctor if your low estrogen level is causing you trouble or symptoms of menopause, hot flashes, insomnia mood changes.

Taking one glass of red grape juice at dinner increases the blood level of estrogen, so drinking one glass of juice daily can increase your estrogen level. In addition, grapefruit juice, cultivars, and even peanuts contain those ingredients.

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Dietician Nikita Kapoor says that soya curd is very useful in increasing estrogen levels, it is made in soy milk, which is why it is a good source of phytoestrogen and is the most effective nut of all nuts. These nuts, rich in phytoestrogens, contain protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and many nutrients.

Causes disease by entering the cell

The flu virus injects and causes disease by entering the cell. At the same time, the host cell can make you sick by making a copy of yourself. Doctor Manisha Ranjan, Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecologist at Motherhood Hospital in Noida. say the virus can spread to the body when it comes out of an infected cell and then spreads to people in a similar way.

The number of times a virus can infect indicates its severity. A less frequently infected virus means that the infected person may have less disease.

Cardiovascular disease causes lower levels of estrogen

Low levels of estrogen can cause heart disease in the body. For this reason, cholesterol levels are also affected. which can also be the cause of heart attack due to many reasons. Menopause also leads to osteoporosis in women due to physical changes.

Due to this, they are bone to fracture even on the minor injury. A lack of estrogen causes a slow-burning of body fat, which can increase your weight rapidly and can cause many diseases for you. Therefore it is important to keep estrogen levels right.

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