Serverwala’s Best Dedicated Server in Italy For Gaming Websites


Most multiplayer games depend on customers playing and hosting gamers consecutive times. The problem is that this parameter can be delayed, to load slowly, to lose saved files, to crash; this can lead to performance problems, such as losing games. On the other hand, Serverwala Dedicated Server in Italy comes with multiple advantages, such as providing high speed to the server and reducing the loading speed.

Serverwala's Best Dedicated Server in Italy For Gaming Websites
Serverwala’s Best Dedicated Server in Italy For Gaming Websites

Dedicated Server Italy games offer more maximum SSD storage and memory capabilities, unlike other web hostings. Your game will always run smoothly on the server regardless of how many resources are available. Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, Ark, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, DOTA, and other popular games with heavy workloads can benefit from a dedicated server.

Why is an Italy Dedicated Server Important For Gaming Sites?

The gaming site faces lots of lag and slow loading time due to lots of traffic coming to the website; a Dedicated Server in Italy has too many features to solve your maximum problems. Multiplayer online games are hosted by a server and run by client computers. Hosting is the part of the game where all players are connected to the same server and the game is synchronized.


A client is a player that participates in the game without hosting responsibility. Hosts are usually either the one who started the game or who has the lowest latency. The host uses the local version to keep the entire game in sync for all the clients.

The host has the rights to handle the following:


  • Number and ways the player interacts with the gaming environment.
  • Each character loadout.
  • They are tracking every player’s location within the game.
  • How does the physics work around each player?
  • Score and rules.

How a Dedicated Server in Italy Can Benefit Your Gaming Site?

The game host keeps all the player’s data in sync and safe, so it should not lag or slow down. However, as the host has more responsibility, they need more memory, processing capabilities, and processing power. Serverwala’s Best Dedicated Server Italy provides features like accessing extra memory and processing power according to the game’s needs.


The host is not the drive-in dedicated server configuration, and all the players come under the same host. Unlike most computers and consoles, servers have more computing power and better connectivity, so all players are part of the same server. Serverwala’s dedicated server Italy comes with increased computational capabilities and low latency to improve the speed of your website.


Getting a high-traffic business website running with the highest speed and lowest loading time can help your business reach new heights. Dedicated Server in Italy has features that allow your website to increase its reach and get more traffic to get more orders.

Features of Italy Dedicated Server

Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Italy comes with many features and advantages that separate it from other competitors in the market. The following are some features of Dedicated Servers in Italy.

Reliability Infrastructure

A gaming Dedicated Server in Italy has high hardware and internal links. There is usually a backup generator for every data server to ensure game availability even if the local server fails.

Performance Without Latency

Serverwala’s Best Dedicated Server Italy has high-quality hardware and internet connections. We can expect a smooth gaming experience since the game will not lag.

Advanced Customization

The game’s administration defines the hardware requirements to run smoothly. For the best gaming experience, you can select the RAM processor and have unlimited bandwidth with smooth data transfer speed. Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in Italy has advanced customization options to support your gaming website.

No Corrupt Backup Files

Dedicated servers have a solid background; they are not easily damageable stored files. The game saves your progress and you can start your game where it was ended.

Ability to Manage High Traffic

Serverwala’s Italy Dedicated Server has options to handle high traffic on your website without affecting the server performance. The administrator can easily set the number of players that can enter the game at one time.

High Safety level

A Dedicated Server in Italy comes with multilayer security which makes the server highly secure. The administration has the power to decide who can connect with the game, so any intruder cannot enter the contest and disturb the gaming environment.

Cheap Italy Dedicated Server Plans and Packages

Serverwala’s Cheap Dedicated Server Italy comes with plans and policies that you can easily afford and fit into your budget. An affordable dedicated server plan includes a starter plan with $305 per month having advantages like 30000 GB Bandwidth, 2*480 SSD Storage, 32 GB RAM, Intel Xeon E-2236 6 Core processor, etc.

Cheap Dedicated Server in Italy comes with easily affordable plans for small businesses and startups and helps them reach new heights.

Cheap Italy Dedicated Server Plans and Packages
Cheap Italy Dedicated Server Plans and Packages



Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in Italy has multiple features to support your gaming website. Our multipurpose server covers all dimensions of a problem by providing high levels of security and keeping your data safe. In addition, an Italy Dedicated Server gives you the best gaming experience with reduced lag time and improved processing speed.

It provides extra storage, bandwidth, etc., to the website host to efficiently manage the data and produce good speed. Serverwala’s Dedicated Servers are equipped with SSDs and high-quality processors so that gamers can play smoothly and find 1st-level network service providers with superior hardware.


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