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7+ Free Instagram Tools That Will Help You Grow Your Following 2024

Instagram is one such social media tool that has more than 700 million people using Instagram so far. While 400 million of them check the app daily.

Instagram is made for sharing images, with such a huge audience, and delivering some incredibly business-friendly updates like Instagram ads, stories, and business tools. In this, you can use free Instagram tools to attract your followers. Simultaneously, Instagram is becoming an essential channel in many social media marketing strategies.

How can you stand out from the crowd when it comes to increasing your followers? And adopt new ways to grow your Instagram following. That’s why today we would like to share with you a great list of free Instagram tools that will help you grow your following.

First of all, after editing a normal video and, photo, it comes to sharing. Before sharing it is very important to follow some things. This is important so that the Instagram ads, stories, and business tools, images, that you are sharing reach as many audiences as possible. It will also share tools for finding the best hashtags to use, running Instagram contests, displaying your Instagram posts on your website, and more.


7+ Free Instagram Tools for Grow Your Following

7+ Free Instagram Tools That Will Help You Grow Your Following 2021
Free Instagram Tools That Will Help You Grow Your Following


Here we have listed some amazing free Instagram tools to help you increase your Instagram following.

Here’s a roundup of all the free Instagram tools that will help you with your Instagram marketing, from planning your Instagram schedule to analyzing your Instagram performance, from creating amazing Instagram posts, videos, and stories to finding the best hashtags. Everything is going to tell you in this article.



This is a free plan, you can use it for up to three accounts for free. This application lets you schedule Instagram posts in advance which can help you save time and ensure that your profile is well-accurate and consistent.

You can post a single image or a single video with the buffer in both schedules. If you want to connect more Instagram accounts then you can also go for the premium version. Buffer is also one of the free Instagram tools. Buffer is available for both Android and iOS.

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Using PicFlow you can easily create 15 second Instagram video in three steps. In this, you can also make 15-second videos in slideshows.

  • First, you have to select the images
  • After that, you can choose a good music
  • Along with this, you can set the time of each image by tapping.

If you want to make a long video, then in the video you will get to see its watermark. If you want to remove its watermark then you have to take a premium version of it. Along with this, you will also get to see many premium features.



Freefik tool is used to get unlimited pictures for your infographics on Instagram. Freefik provides you with all the resources for free. It has unlimited pictures which you can use for free. A filter option is given on the right corner of this site, from where you can download the picture for free according to your need through the filter.



Mojo is an application to create social stories with a professional look. This Application Provides Hundred Of Animated Templates. Through this you can create eye-catching stories. Mostly this application is used to create Instagram Stories. In this, you can add photos and videos with any template. Through this application, you can directly share on any social platform, and you can save the video you have created in the gallery of the phone.

  • You can install this application for free.
  • In this, you do not need to create an account.
  • Download Mojo and Start Creating Your Animated Stories for Instagram, Facebook, and other Social Media.

If you want to use its advanced features, then you have to take its premium version. In which you will get new templates daily to create a story. This is also one of the free Instagram tools.



Canva is one of the best favorite free designing tools that can be used to create images, social media, blog posts, videos, and more. Canva Team Many amazing Instagram story templates have been created by the team. These interiors are designed in such a way that you can customize your accordion. These templates can be edited very easily. In this, you have to choose the template.

Apart from this, filters are also given in it, which you can filter according to your content. In this, you will get to see daily templates if you want to take its advanced feature in which you will get new templates, images, short videos, and social media story templates daily.

Whichever temple you choose, you can also change the texture, image, and background of it as per your choice. This application can be used in Android and both in Android and iOS and Windows also. All the apps and sites mentioned above with Canva are free Instagram tools.



The Inshot tool is used to edit your video without dropping its watermark in the video. You will get this application in both free and premium versions, you can download this application on both Android and iOS. If you use its premium version, then you will get advanced features in it. In this, you can easily create short videos, stories, and long videos too. For video editing, you will get many features which are given below.

Video Editing:

  • Trim video.
  • Remove the middle part.
  • Adjust speed.
  • Split video.
  • Merge clips.
  • Filter and effects
  • Free Vlog Music.
  • Add your music.
  • Sound Effects.
  • Add Voice-overs.



This is a free online tool. StoriesAds are used to create Instagram story ads. In this, the video is created in a vertical style. It provides you with many templates that you can work with. So that you do not need to make videos from the beginning. After creating a video, it also specifies the things that need to be customized in the video, such as the size. But you can use these tools for free only for a limited time. You will have to pay to use this tool in the future. This is also one of the free Instagram tools.


Display Purposes

After creating and editing your video image, it is time to upload it. After uploading your Instagram post, the most important thing is that whatever video or post we have uploaded on the social media platform reaches as many users as possible. For this, some tips have to be followed such as hashtags.

The hashtag is such a keyword through which posts, videos, and stories reach more and more users. For this, we use Haystack Tools. Display Purpose is a great tool for finding the best Hashtags for Instagram posts. In this, you can generate a list by simply typing some hashtags related to Instagram posts. Also can point them to which are a band and spammy hashtags.

All the apps, sites, and tools mentioned in this post are free Instagram tools, using all these tools you can increase your following on your Instagram and social media platform if you use all these free Instagram tools So you can grow your following soon.



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