International Yoga Day 2021 | United Nations

International Yoga Day 2021 | United Nations

(World Yoga Day | International Yoga Day 2021) Do Yoga stay healthy :

In the circumstances in which we are living in the present era, the importance of keeping the body and mind healthy has increased more than ever. In the midst of all the uncertainty of life, yoga has become more fanciful than ever. In the midst of the arrangement of spending more time at home than before, people are moving towards a healthier life by joining the virtual sensation of yoga.

In Corona, every person is concerned about his health. If someone wants to strengthen his immunity, then he wants to get rid of mental stress. The same people who have been freed from Corona are also struggling with many types of physical problems. In such a situation, through yoga and the right diet, you can get rid of these physical and mental problems.

World Yoga Day 2021, International Yoga Day 2021 Celebrations :

Yoga Day is celebrated in the world amidst the terrible tragedy of the Corona epidemic. International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on 21 June. On 11 December 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared 21 June as the International Day of Yoga to be observed worldwide.

Yoga Day is celebrated as International Yoga Day. For this, large-scale public programs are also organized every year, although due to Coronavirus, like last year, this year too more and more it will be organized through a digital, virtual, and electronic platform.

It is necessary to go to understand the special significance of this day. Why is International Yoga Day celebrated? Today we are going to tell you about International Yoga Day and what are the benefits of doing it.

International Yoga Day 2021 | United Nations

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Why celebrate Yoga Day on 21st June:

Let us tell you that on 11 December 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared 21 June to be celebrated as International Day of Yoga or World Yoga Day. After this, 2015 was celebrated as International Yoga Day across the world. June 21 is the longest day and the sun stays on the earth for the longest time.

It is believed that this could be the major reason behind celebrating this day as International Yoga Day. Apart from this, June 21 is also the day of the summer solstice in India. The first International Yoga Day was created on 21 June 2015. In this, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi had announced to celebrate Yoga Day. In which Yoga Day was celebrated in the presence of 35000 people.


When, how, and what are the ways of doing yoga:

The saying is equally true even today that nothing is more important than good health. If you are healthy, you can do something for yourself and for others as well. Yoga develops the ability to do better in adversity. It helps in creating a positive attitude towards life.

In the era of covid, many people are facing stress and depression. With proper attention, both of these things can be easily done. There is magic in yoga. It is a means that provides new energy to your entire system body.

Today the whole world needs new energy. In such a situation, there is a need to look within and understand yourself through yoga and meditation. If you are successful here then you will become so strong from within that, no disease or virus will be able to affect you.

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The circumstances which are recent, the way of living life is definitely visible to us from above, but the truth is not hidden from anyone. A dark streak of conflict, tension, and loneliness goes on and on. In such an era, when you travel ahead with yoga, you can learn a lot. Your way of living, your way of thinking, everything starts changing. You start being happy from within. Positive energy gets infused within you.


Life is precious and it is necessary that one should try to give beauty to life till the last breath. And yoga can become such a means. The special thing is that through this, new cells are constantly being made in your body. Another special thing about it is that doing it does not make you angry, you feel happy.

You should make a habit of doing yoga. For this, we have to join a yoga session. You can be inspired to stay healthy through such online yoga classes. If yoga becomes a habit, then it can prove to be better for the heart and mind. This will make you feel good both physically and mentally.

We are all going through stress during the time of covid. There is tension regarding children and family, in such a situation, yoga gives a lot of relief. Life and thinking have changed in Covid. Yoga is such a practice that the body remains healthy and the mind calm.

World Yoga Day is being celebrated once again on the basis of the theme of Yoga at Home and Home Yoga. During this, your message is being given that stay at home. Take the initiative to keep yourself healthy through yoga.

Those who continued the practice of yoga during the period of quarantine and isolation or have already been doing yoga got a special benefit from it. In today’s era, the whole world is joining a yoga, especially in the youth, there is a lot of craze about yoga and meditation, it was told by a professor that when the pressure of work increases in work from home, to concentrate. The advice given by Yoga is really a good way to stay healthy.

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What are the things to be kept in mind while doing yoga?

  • Do yoga on an empty stomach:

One thing you should always keep in mind before doing yoga is that whenever you are, start doing it. So it should be done on an empty stomach. Yoga should never be overloaded. If you fill it up, instead of getting it right, your health will deteriorate and you will not be able to do yoga properly. Most of the yoga should be done in the morning. By doing yoga in the morning, a different kind of energy is generated in the body.

  • Avoid doing too much yoga in the beginning:

If you are thinking of doing yoga, then you must keep in mind that when you start yoga, you should do less yoga in the initial days and do it for less time. Because if you do yoga for a long time in these initial days, then it will cause fatigue and pain in your body. That’s why you are advised to do yoga little by little in the initial days. After this, you can increase the limit of doing yoga.

  • Before yoga, get as much information as possible about all the asanas:

It is important that when you start yoga, before that you should have complete knowledge of all the asanas. If you do not have knowledge about the asanas, then you will not be able to do it properly and you may get to see its side effects. Keep in mind that whenever you do yoga, first of all, take the advice of your expert.

  • Do not look at anyone while doing yoga:

When you are doing yoga in the park or at home and you are doing other yoga poses with you, keep in mind that you should not copy them. If you keep looking at others, you will never be able to do yoga properly. Whatever you do is right but don’t copy others, you should focus on your yoga.


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