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Plastic Corrugated Totes – An Overview of Durable and Versatile Storage Solutions

Plastic Corrugated Totes

Efficient storage starts with optimizing space utilization. It means finding a storage solution that maximizes vertical space and allows you to categorize and label items so they can be retrieved quickly. 

Because they require fewer replacements and decrease waste, plastic corrugated totes are an affordable solution that saves money over time. These versatile bins can be used for everything from mail handling to warehouse, distribution, and production. 


Choosing suitable plastic corrugated totes depends on what you store, transport, or organize. Consider the size, thickness, and features you need. You may need partitions to create compartments within your container, handles for ergonomic handling or lids to prevent leaks. 

Many plastic totes are collapsible when empty, allowing them to be folded flat for storage and shipping. It minimizes their footprint and saves space. Some containers are even nestable, enabling them to fit inside each other when not in use, further minimizing storage space needs. 


Plastic corrugated products are ideal for the typical warehouse or distribution center for handling and storing materials and parts. They are more water-resistant than other container materials and provide better efficiency and durability than cardboard boxes. 

These reusable containers are available in various sizes and can be custom-made to suit any business or industry need. They can include label holders to make it easy for workers to identify box contents and stickers or decals to optimize branding and labeling solutions. 

They can also be customized with sonic welds at crucial stress points to help them meet various challenges in any facility. In addition, they are more lightweight than other containers and require less effort to move and store. 


Depending on the product being transported or stored, plastic corrugated containers can feature partitions to create individual compartments within them. It helps to keep items organized and secure during transport. 

Plastic totes are also ideal for storing and distributing various chemicals, auto components, or materials. They are lightweight and resistant to multiple substances, facilitating handling and transportation. 

These plastic totes are commonly used in warehouses, automotive plants, post offices, and other warehousing facilities. They offer a sturdy alternative to molded plastic bins and are perfect for mailrooms or organizing parts in office environments. They are also reusable, which is excellent for the environment and lowers shipping costs. They are easily stacked, making them an ideal option for long-term storage. 


Whether looking for storage, transport, or shipping solutions, corrugated plastic totes offer an eco-friendly alternative to paper and molded containers. These lightweight, durable, affordable, and reusable bins can also handle cold or humid environments. 

They can be easily stacked, shipped, pushed, pulled, and handled. And they protect products from impact and leaks. 

Corrugated plastic totes are often used in industrial plants, automotive plants, mail rooms, distribution centers, warehouses, and retail stores. They’re ideal for storing parts inventory, products, document storage, and organizing and merchandising merchandise. Many are designed with wrapped hand holes for ergonomic handling, sonic welded seams, label holders, and galvanized wire reinforcement. They’re also versatile enough to be used in e-commerce and fulfillment centers. 


Corrugated plastic storage containers are reusable and recyclable, an eco-friendly alternative to one-time-use cardboard boxes. They’re also lightweight, which saves warehousing space and makes them easy to transport between locations. 

They can be fabricated in any size for your material handling needs, with custom interiors to match the products stored within them. They’re sturdy enough to resist impact and can withstand humidity, dirt, dust, and most chemicals better than other container options. 

They’re also designed to maximize space utilization, with some designs including nesting and sonic welding at crucial stress points. They can be stacked and fit well in conveyor systems when not in use. Some even have built-in legs for easy access and integration into your facility’s infrastructure. They’re a cost-effective choice for businesses. 

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