What are Amazon Ads?

Amazon, the world’s number one e-commerce company, is an essential sales channel for many professionals. The platform also poses significant challenges in terms of visibility for sellers. In 2019, it brought together more than 445 million references. A figure that should continue to grow in the years to come.

The online giant’s advertising agency, Amazon Ads, offers you a practical and simple solution to promote your products to a target clientele. Choose the products to feature, define the relevant keywords or let Amazon create them for you, then place your bids.

A marketing campaign carried out directly on Amazon can be particularly effective. In this way, you are addressing visitors who have already matured a purchase intention. The web media agency Ad Premier supports you in your first Amazon Ads campaign and supports its management for optimized performance.


  • What are Amazon Ads?
  • What are the benefits of an Amazon Ads campaign?
  • What are the ad formats on Amazon Ads?
  • How to run a campaign on Amazon Ads?
  • Why use a web media agency for Amazon Ads?
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • What are Amazon Ads?
    • How can Amazon Ads help businesses increase their visibility and sales?
    • How can Amazon Ads help businesses increase their visibility and sales?

What are Amazon Ads?

 Amazon Ads, or “Amazon Advertising “, is the advertising network specific to Amazon, the e-commerce giant. It has, for example, the equivalent of Google Ads concerning the famous Technical Seo Services or Instagram Ads.

The platform allows advertisers to show ads of their products on the Amazon search results page. You can also display your ads directly on competitors’ product pages and on a variety of partner sites.

Amazon Ads gives you access to an unrivaled customer base in the world, with more than 310 million active accounts.

What are the benefits of an Amazon Ads campaign?

The purchase of advertising inserts on the site of the e-commerce giant naturally has many advantages. This strategy pays off for all resellers who depend in whole or in part on the platform to achieve their turnover. In addition to improved visibility, you will be able to adjust your marketing target with great finesse.

Fine targeting of prospects

The Amazon advertising network helps you accurately reach customers who are potentially interested in your products. Amazon Ads knows the purchase history of platform customers. He can thus better anticipate their purchase intentions.

Funding an advertising campaign on Amazon often generates an attractive conversion rate. Internet users browsing Amazon are usually already looking for a product to buy. All you have to do is direct them to your product at the right time to generate a sale.

Guaranteed visibility

Amazon is the world’s number one online retailer. It enjoys massive traffic, averaging nearly 30 million unique visitors per month in 2019. For comparison, this represents 10 million more visitors compared to its direct competitor Discount.

This clear domination also induces a particularity: for many Internet users, Amazon is as much a marketplace as a search engine. 40% of purchases on the platform follow the use of the internal search engine of the giant store – and not a third-party engine like Google. This significant share is of direct interest to advertisers on Amazon Ads, for whom the results pages are a very important vector of visibility.

Attractive auctions

The Amazon Ads advertising network is more recent and less known than its direct competitors (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.). In addition, traffic volumes are also lower. Result? Auctions often tend to be more accessible, which allows you to position yourself on a competitive keyword for a lower cost.

What are the ad formats on Amazon Ads?

Amazon Advertising offers several ad formats to help you reach your target audience and maximize your visibility:

  • Sponsored Products;
  • Sponsored Brands;
  • Display ads.

Each has its own characteristics.

Sponsored products: priority display for your ads

Sponsored Products are the basic advertising format on Amazon Ads. It is a question of displaying your products in priority in the results of a search launched by the customer.

The operation of sponsored products is quite classic: select the most relevant keywords. Place a bid of a few cents on each desired keyword to position yourself on this request. Invoicing is carried out by the management on a cost per click basis.

In order to ensure a more or less fine targeting, you can favor a positioning of the type:

  • “Exact”, to appear only on a very specific query – useful in particular for filtering out visitors who are not interested in your specific product;
  • “Large” to extend the display to related or close queries;
  • ” Phrase ” to link the display of your ad to a query that must combine several words.

As part of a Sponsored Products advertising campaign, you can choose to manually create the keywords previously defined by you or by a web media agency. Amazon also offers automatic creation, automatically selecting the keywords deemed most relevant by the algorithm based on the products you offer.

Sponsored brands: enhance your product catalog

Sponsored Brands ads allow you to simultaneously promote multiple products from your catalog or brand. This format is presented as a horizontal banner, placed above the Amazon search results and promoting a minimum of three products.

The Sponsored Brands format is reserved for brands officially registered on the platform. If the visitor clicks on the banner, he is automatically redirected to the “store” page dedicated to your brand and your store.

Creating a Sponsored Brands campaign differs little from a Sponsored Products campaign. The display of advertising is based on the prior definition – manual or automatic – of relevant keywords on which you will have to position yourself and set a bid.

Display ads: be visible on the pages of competing products

Display ads allow you to place an ad directly on a competitor’s product page. In other words, a user who has just clicked on a PPC Marketing for Insurance Agents other than yours will benefit from a suggestion. If the price or characteristics of your offer are better than the competition, then it is possible to capture this potential sale.

Display ads are a powerful format. They are displayed to visitors who already intend to buy the category of products you sell. They can therefore generate a high conversion.

Amazon Ads videos: an attractive novelty for major advertisers

Amazon Ads now offers a new advertising format, video, to compete with other agencies that already use this medium extensively, including Instagram or Facebook for example. This service is currently limited to “large accounts” and advertisers whose Amazon Ads budget is greater than or equal to €10,000.

How to run a campaign on Amazon Ads?

Creating an advertising campaign on Amazon requires several successive steps with:

  • The creation of your Amazon Ads account;
  • The selection of products from your catalog to promote;
  • The definition of relevant keywords for each product or product category;
  • Adjusting the bid amount for each keyword;
  • The submission of your advertising to the management;
  • Waiting for its validation, which will take place within 72 hours at the latest.

This process, apparently, is relatively quick. However, optimizing an Amazon Ads campaign requires significant background work at the time of its design – in particular to choose the best keywords or take care of each product visual.

In addition, it is then imperative to carry out fine management, by analyzing the results obtained by the campaign each day (number of clicks, conversion rate, number of views). You can thus, if necessary, adjust the amount of the bids on the products highlighted according to the sales volumes.

In practice, creating and managing an Amazon Ads ad is both a technical and time-consuming process.

Why use a web media agency for Amazon Ads?

Many advertisers lack the in-house resources and skills to successfully run an Amazon advertising campaign, optimize its visibility, and constantly monitor its performance. This is why the use of a specialized web agency such as Ad Premier is often recommended.

Amazon Ads puts your products first in the world’s largest marketplace. The careful configuration of a campaign therefore allows you to increase your visibility considerably and generate sales in large numbers. Ad Premier supports you in creating, publishing, managing and optimizing all your advertisements on Amazon.

The three key points to remember:

  • Amazon Ads is Amazon’s advertising network and allows you to publish ads on the e-commerce site as well as certain partner sites.
  • Several formats are available to you, image or video, for optimal visibility in search results.
  • The optimization of an Amazon Ads campaign requires daily monitoring, best provided by a specialized agency.


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