What is Semrush and How to Use It

When the subject of comprehensive and in-depth detailed SEO Analysis and Digital Marketing comes to the fore, the analysis tool that makes a name for itself is of course Semrush. If you want to increase your website to a higher quality and well-structured level, increase the ranking level in search engines, especially google, discover critical information about digital marketing and apply them at a professional level, Semrush will be an ideal helper with an all-in-one tool package created for you. We said what is Semrush and how to use it. We aimed to create a detailed guide. Now let’s go step by step;

What Is Semrush

Semrush is a high-level analysis and follow-up tool that you can follow step by step in every aspect of your website, while at the same time providing detailed data in your digital marketing activities, while at the same time presenting all the actions of your website that belong to you or outside of you in detail.

Semrush size;

  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Keyword Research for SEO and SEM
  • Competitor and Competition Rate Research
  • Public Relations
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Insights
  • Detailed Campaign Management

It offers very comprehensive analysis and reports on its channels. By analyzing the data presented, you can produce very good data. Now, after the data you have obtained, you are ready to prepare an effective SEO or Digital Marketing action plan. That’s all there is to it. Semrush reports you what you cannot see, your deficiencies and errors in as much detail as possible.

What Does Semrush Do?

Don’t worry, Semrush is a tool that can solve all your needs for the SEO process. Therefore, it will be very useful for you. With the help of Semrush, you can do proper keyword research, create content for your blogs, analyze your competitors in detail, check their data analysis, and all your backlinks. It informs you well about the strengths and weaknesses of your website. So you can clearly understand what works for your website and what doesn’t.

What’s more, Semrush helps you better understand and manage your social media traffic. However, it is worth mentioning a very important detail here. Yes, Semrush is a full-featured tool with a powerful software infrastructure. However, what it will do for you is just provide the data and comprehensive information you want. As a result, you are the one who will analyze all this information, make a decision and develop a successful SEO strategy.

In short, it’s your job to start your professional SEO work. Now, let’s continue item by item How to Use Semrush that you want to offer you treasure worth of information;

How to Use Semrush

To start working in Semrush, you first need to start a project. Semrush Projects allows you to run 12 different analysis tools that analyze all aspects of a website’s online visibility. Here when you are done with your work on any tool, you can monitor the status with email reports and graphs on each project tool. While Domain Analysis and Keyword Analysis allow you to use the search bar to search Semruhs databases, you can also obtain marketing data from outside the Semrush database by making the necessary adjustments to the tools in the Projects section.

We mentioned that we can run 12 different analysis tools after adding a project. These 12 vehicles will appear as follows;

The tools on the analyzer panel are as follows;

  • Site Audit ( Site Denetimi )
  • Position Tracking ( Takibi Position )
  • On Page Seo Checker ( Site İçi Seo Denettimi )
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Social Media Poster
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Backlink Audit
  • Link Building
  • PPC Keyword Tool ( Pay Per Click ) Keyword Tool
  • Ad Builder )
  • Organic Traffic Insights ( Organic Traffic Denetimi )
  • Content Analyzer )

Source: https://teknobird.com/semrush-ucretsiz-deneme/

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