Free Paraphrasing Tool Why Some Articles Fail to Boost SEO Ranking

Free Paraphrasing Tool: Why Some Articles Fail to Boost SEO Ranking

Free Paraphrasing Tool: There is nothing more important than SEO ranking for a website. If you want to improve the health of your website, you must focus on how to improve the SEO ranking. Only then you can maintain a good website. Now, SEO ranking depends on many factors; text content is one of the most important elements of SEO. Let’s find out how a free paraphrasing tool can play a crucial role in SEO and why some articles fail to do their magic in boosting SEO ranking.

Benefits of free paraphrasing tool

1. Poor article planning

When you are starting something for a reason as important as a website’s rank boosting, you need proper planning. Without a good and detailed plan, your website rank-boosting is bound to fail. Article structure, quality and validity of information, usage, and density of keywords, and so much more go into article planning. Without planning it thoroughly, SEO experts won’t be able to optimize the rank of their website.

Content writer and SEO experts should take their time to think about the content thoroughly before writing it. Not only it will benefit the SEO ranking, but it’ll also make writing easier as well.

2. Lack of quality content

When it comes to writing, quality matters the most. So, when SEO experts post article after article without really caring about its quality, they get disappointing results. Because search engines like Google care about content quality. So, if the search engines find that your content lacks quality, you will not get the SEO benefits that you are hoping for.


A decent free paraphrasing tool can help you greatly with creating high-quality content. You can recycle your old content or someone else’s content without outright copying it with a good online article rewriter tool.

3. Duplicate content

Duplicate content is one of the main reasons why some websites’ SEO rankings don’t get the boost and get worse with time. Search engines can detect plagiarism easily so if your article contains copied content, Google will flag you sooner or later. There cannot be anything worse than plagiarism for a website.
Solution: Again, an online free paraphrasing tool can help you avoid plagiarism by generating unique content. Also, to make your article 100% free of plagiarism, you can use a plagiarism checker tool.

4. Not staying updated with SE

Search engines update their algorithms and terms and conditions for content constantly. If SEO experts fail to follow the guidelines for writing website content, their SEO ranking will be affected.
Solution: SEO experts must check search engine algorithm updates regularly to stay updated on content creation.

5. Lack of related images and video

A single image can say a lot more tons of words. When SEO experts forget to use related images or videos within their articles, they lose a lot of time. Sometimes, even if the quality of your article is good, it might not get enough attention if it doesn’t contain other media such as images and videos.


The key is to use relevant and powerful images with relevant tags.

SEO mistakes can be tough to find. But webmasters can easily boost their website’s SEO ranking by doing these above tweaks.

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