Creating Trendy Makeup Looks with Lip Crayons: From Natural to Bold

The world of makeup is ever evolving and lip crayons are setting new trends every season. Lip crayons are now a must-have for any beauty aficionado, because they are loved for their vibrant colours, and ease of application. Today let us look at how you can use lip crayons to create different makeup looks – from nude to bold, let the magic unfold.

Different Trendy Makeup Looks with Lip Crayons:

Lip crayons are easy to carry and fuss-free. You can use them to create bold makeup looks and add them in your everyday minimalist makeup looks. Let us check how.

Monochromatic Look

Create a trendy monochromatic make-up look with a lip crayon. Use a flushed pink lip crayon as a blush and apply the same as your eyeshadow. For extra drama, you can extend the eye make-up look to your cheeks and make your look runway ready.

Chocolate Smokey Eye Look

Did you think smokey eye had to be black, always? Nope, you can make it as creative as you want. Take a chocolate shade lip crayon and apply it along your lash line. Blend it upwards with a lighter chocolate shade lip crayon. Softly smudge it using a brush or your finger for a smeared smokey eye makeup look. For the extra drama add some false lashes.

No-Makeup Makeup Look

The no-makeup makeup look gives you a naturally stunning appearance with few products and in little time. It is that makeup look that you can wear every day, it is very subtly and naturally enhances your features. Use a nude shade lip crayon and peachy eyeshadows to create this no-makeup makeup look. Keep your eyebrows simple and fill them lightly. Use a brown kohl pencil instead of black and you will be able to rock this makeup look in no time.

Shimmer Lip Crayons

Have a lip crayon with a hint of shimmer? Double it up as a highlighter substitute. Apply a shimmery lip crayon on the highs of your cheeks and in the centre of your forehead for that dewy look. Be photo-ready always with a hint of shimmer in your makeup look.

Ombré Lips with Lip Crayon

Ombré lips have taken the internet by storm. Use matte lip crayons to create ombré lips. Start by deciding which colour range to use. You can choose to pair a dark shade with a lighter shade of the same colour family, like a rich burgundy with a scorching red. Start applying the darker shade on the edges of your lips and blend them inwards. In the centre apply the lighter shade to create the perfect gradient.

You can create ombré lips in various shades – reds, purples, wine and berries, browns and even in nudes. For extra drama, you can even use black lipstick with red when you want your lips to stand out.

Korean Gradient Lips

Just like ombré lips are a rage, Korean Gradient Lips are trendy too. The Korean gradient lip is a lip style where the outside of the lips are lighter and the inside of the lips are darker. Use a lip crayon of your choice only at the centre of your lips. Apply concealer on the outer edges and blend them inwards to create an inward gradient.

Bold Red Look

Bold Red lips are everyone’s favourite and you can sport it every time you want to look your glam best. Choose a highly pigmented red lip crayon to create a bold red lip look. Ensure to use concealer before applying lipstick to minimise any lip discolouration. Use a red lip liner to line and fill your lips so that your bold red lip look stands out.

Lip crayons offer a wide range of possibilities. These adaptable tools can significantly improve your makeup skills, adding bright eyeliners, fake freckles, and inventive eyeshadows. Embrace your creative side and try out various lip crayon designs to show off their amazing versatility. Your cosmetic regimen will never be the same again with a little creativity.


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