Start a Brilliant Future in Artificial Intelligence, AI 2021

Start a Brilliant Future in Artificial Intelligence, AI 2021

When many such branches of engineering like electronics, electrical, computer engineering, software engineering, robotics, mathematics, etc. are combined, it creates AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence. Almost every industry is taking the services of experts of this modern technology. Telling about opportunities for youth in this technique, we hope that this information will definitely be beneficial for you and you make future in Artificial Intelligence.

AI, Artificial Intelligence, you can understand something in simple language, with the help of a computer robot or a chip, the necessary data related to your target is stored in a machine. From this data, the software is prepared, which can assess accurately according to any situation. After that this software is used in real-time conditions. This technique is called AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence. If you have data on a particular subject and you learn to manage it through software, then you too can become a master of artificial intelligence.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is constantly evolving

You must have understood that in Artificial Intelligence, all the work is done on the data itself, if the data is wrong then AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence also will not be able to work in the right direction. Some special people are hidden behind this complex work. Those are called ‘AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence Specialists. It is being used extensively in foreign countries. In India too, the prospects of giving a better future have attracted the youth rapidly in this direction.

Start a Brilliant Future in Artificial Intelligence, AI 2021
Brilliant Future in Artificial Intelligence

AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence is a technology that will change our way of living and working in the coming years and will also see a wide expansion in technologies like Robotics and Virtual Reality. Robots are made more effective and intelligent with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This will see revolutionary changes not only in the field of production and manufacturing but also in the field of health and market share.

Robotic surgery, air traffic control, etc. are examples of this. Apart from this, this technique is also being adopted in farming. Many big projects like ‘Save Water’ are being developed with the help of farmers and it can prove to be important in increasing agricultural productivity and reducing expenditure.

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What does work in artificial intelligence

Key: Artificial intelligence is of two types – first research AI, second applied AI. Artificial intelligence is commonly used in research to discover a new rule, create a new design, or improve a device. For example, research AI is used to improve Google search results. Applied AI is when using artificial intelligence for use in common life. Numerous devices such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Alan Musk’s Self, driving cars are examples of applied AI. In Artificial Intelligence, intelligent thinking software is prepared on the same basis by duly studying the process of thinking and working of the human brain. After this, computer programming or robotic system is prepared according to the different circumstances on the specialist computer.

What is necessary for its study

Two things are most important in learning Artificial Intelligence or making a career in it – Computer Science and Mathematics. If one has mastery in one of these and improvised knowledge in the other, then he can easily reach the top level in Artificial Intelligence. You must have an engineering degree. This degree should be in subjects like Computer Science, Software Technology, Math, Electronics, Electrical.

At some places, the entrance exam has to be qualified for admission to the courses. Artificial Intelligence Special Courses are being run in almost all the institutes related to computer science. America is currently at the top in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Professionals want to take a computer science degree course and later enroll in a master’s course. After taking the degree, there is an option to do many certificates, PG diplomas, and master courses. Their duration is from 6 months to 2 years.

Start a Brilliant Future in Artificial Intelligence, AI 2021
Artificial Intelligence Study

What are the skills to do an AI course?

This is a platform in which professionals have to acquire a better understanding of technology and reasoning along with educational qualifications. Because they have to think and do something new every moment. In this, friendship with technology reaches the pinnacle of success. This is the reason why people with a mathematics and computer science background in it give better results. Patience, discipline, ability to work for hours, off-the-line thinking skills, etc. are some of the qualities that help students from time to time.

Online course

In India, companies like IIT Kharagpur, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Tesla are offering online courses. Among them are Elements of AI, Introduction to AI, Machine Learning and NPTel, etc. For short-term certificate courses, in addition to M.Tech, a short-term course of 15 weeks is also offered at Hyderabad University. In this, students are informed about machine learning and artificial intelligence.

You can also get full information from IIT Kharagpur has recently started a 6-month course on Artificial Intelligence at its three campuses. More information about the course can be viewed by clicking on and as far as foreign universities are concerned, nowadays University of London, Stanford University, University of Washington, etc. are offering 5 to 8 weeks online course.

You can join the courses of MIT, University Texts by visiting the online study platform EDX and Coursera.

What are the opportunities

w.e.f. That is, in a report of the World Economic Forum, it has been said that by the year 2025, due to AI, there will be 13.3 crore new jobs. Most of these opportunities will come in the form of developers, e-commerce, and social media specialists, but only those specialists who know certain techniques will get these opportunities.

A large number of AI professionals are being placed in major social networking sites such as Google, Facebook, Linked In, etc. Apart from this, other major sectors which will be full of employment in future include IT Retail, Finance, Auto Works Tile Sector. Online shopping companies like Amazon, Flipkart also will not lag behind in giving employment. Maintenance of key machines in Artificial Intelligence may also require a large number of people.

The figures

According to the Great Learning Report in 2019, the number of young people starting a career in the field of Artificial Intelligence doubled within 1 year. It was 60 hikes. The percentage of experienced youth who changed their career to the AI field was 65 percent.

How much is salary

On joining the company in the initial stages in this field, professionals get 30 – 35 thousand rupees per month easily. Later, after having experience of three to four years, this amount can increase to 50 – 55 thousand rupees per month. As the experience progresses, its package goes into millions. Not only this but there will also be opportunities to work abroad, multinational and foreign companies give a face-value to the professional. There is also a lot of income in independent work.

Main institute

  • Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Bangalore

  • National Institute of Engineering, Mysore

  • Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad

  • Amity University, Kolkata

  • Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi

  • University, Hyderabad


What posts will you get?

Big Data Engineering

Business development officer

Robotic programmers

Search engine analytics

Machine learning engineer

Data scientist

Business intelligence developer

Research scientist


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