If hypertension is to be kept under control then it is necessary to take a dash diet

If hypertension is to be kept under control then it is necessary to take a dash diet

In today’s hectic life, the diet has an important role to play in order to stay healthy. Similarly, even if there is a disease, it is necessary to take the right diet. Nowadays there is talk of taking a dash diet to high blood pressure. Know what the experts say about it-

What is the Dash Diet:

Dash is an English word meaning Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension. That is a food that can reduce or prevent hypertension. According to the American Heart Association, weight can be controlled with the dash diet. This increases the risk of heart diseases. When BP increases, people do salt i.e. sodium in food but do not pay attention to the rest of the food. In the dash diet, it is advised to reduce sugar and oil along with salt.

What should we eat:

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Use more cereals like Daliya, lentils, and grains with peel. Remove the cream and take milk, curd, cheese, etc. Take salad, sprouted grains, and vegetable soup. Include almonds, seeds, etc. in the food.

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What not to eat:

Take less salt. Minimize the use of sugar and sweets. Transfat, refined oil, and fast food are strictly prohibited. Use less flour or peeled cereals, cakes, pasty patties, etc. Avoid packaged food as well.

Its advantages:

Fruits and vegetables contain fiber, minerals, etc., which are helpful in digestion. dash diet is rich in vitamins. Which strengthens immunity. Phytochemicals in vegetables and fruits such as curcumin in turmeric, lycopene in tomatoes, etc. increase the ability to fight diseases.

Some Examples: 

In the morning breakfast, porridge is made with vegetables, upma made with seasonal vegetables or siwai, and peeled moong dal, or chilla made from mixed lentils. Add finely chopped vegetables to the dal. Take a salad of sprouted grains and vegetables along with buttermilk or fruits etc.

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