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Career Counselor – Best Job and Salary, Guideline for 2021

After 12th there are many students who are not able to hear the right career. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult for them to get the job as per their choice. Career counselors make this difficult path easy. By becoming a career counselor, you can improve the career of yourself and other students.

At present, there has been a lot of competition in everything, due to which the chances of youth being successful in any field are highest only when they also have information related to it. From here starts the role of a career counselor, it gives advice to the students in which subject they can make their career and thus solves their problem by giving them the right direction. In this way, it helps the youth to choose the right field on the basis of their interest, skills.

Career Counselor - Best Job and Salary, Guideline for 2021
Career Counselor – Best Job and Salary, Guideline for you

What is the course to become a career counselor?

If you want to become a career counselor, then you have to do a course related to it. This course can be done after 12th and graduation. After 12th you can do a BA in Psychology, BA Honors in Psychology, BSc in Psychology, etc. After this, you can take a master’s degree in these subjects. Same you can also do a diploma course in career counseling like PG Diploma in Psychology, PG Diploma in Guidance and Counseling. Also read…Make a Good Career in the Fields of Engineering

Jobs as a career counselor

After completing the career counselor course, you can easily get a job as a career counselor in educational institutions like schools, colleges, schools, coaching centers, etc. Because today there are many educational institutions in our country where they are required. Apart from this, you can work in newspapers and magazines, because there is a column for career counselors, they can do writing work there.

Along with this, if you want, you can also open your own institute and apart from this, they are also invited to seminars. In this way, the candidate also gets an opportunity to work in the research field, where he learns new things and explains and explains to other people.

Work like a jobs career counselor

A person working as a career counselor must have patience, intelligence, and prudence. So that he can do his work properly. The functions performed by him are as follows-

  • Listens well to the problems of the students and gives them proper opinion in the field of career.
  • Understands their problems quickly and analyzes them and offers solutions according to them.
  • Recognizes the hidden skills of the students and advises them to study the subject in which they are best.
  • Attend seminars to motivate students.
  • Improving your research work every day so that it can give the right advice to people in the right way.
  • To give the right path by listening patiently to the students who are very confused or in trouble about their careers.
  • To have complete knowledge about the courses conducted in the country and abroad and to guide the students.
  • Help clients in writing resume and cover letters.

Enhance Your Skills Guidelines for Career Counselors

To become a career counselor, it is necessary to have complete knowledge related to education. Along with this, he should also have information about colleges, universities, and institutes around the world. This is because the job of a career counselor is to give advice to the student related to his studies and career. Along with this, he also has to tell which course the student should take so that he can get the job according to his mind.

Apart from this, he would keep his communication skills better because if you are not able to explain to someone in easy language, then your advice will not be liked by anyone. Apart from this, he also needs patience because the result is not available in a single day.

Salary for Career Counselor

After the course, if you join any educational institution as a career counselor, then you can easily earn 30 to 40 thousand per month. On getting selected in any big college and government institute, a Career counselor can get a salary of lakhs of rupees per month. Apart from this, if the candidate has the qualification, then he can get even more salary in this field. Not only this, but you can also earn good money by opening your own institute.

From where can do career counselor’s course

  • Delhi University

  • Jamia Millia Islamia Delhi

  • Aligarh Muslim University

  • Banaras Hindu University

Note- Apart from this there are other institutes.


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